So unlike my previous journals, this one (if you can even call it a "journal") will be less on summaries of my days and more a focused free write of my thoughts and what is going on in my life or my writing/fanfiction plans. I'll try to write a part every day, if possible.

June 28th, 2019

It's been a long while since I've made a "journal" here and I guess things have changed a little bit for me. I took a break from fanfiction, although I wouldn't call it one. I'll probably write and upload a few chapters of Vampire Street 2 over the next few days or week. Once I finish that fanfic, I'll try to figure out what I'm doing next. To be honest, part of me wants to take a break but I have technically already been on one. Besides, I do have some ideas crawling around my brain.

One idea, which I had when I first started reading fanfiction and never really considered until now, is a story about a chatroom and a relationship developing from that. I won't give any other info except that it would take place in the Sonic universe or at least with the characters. Another one, I haven't been thinking about for quite as long but started planning twice, is a redo of one of my old stories, TDI Again. I came up with one outline a few years ago and then made a new one for the characters a little while after that.

During my break, I thought about my fanfics and some things I regret from writing them. There is one fanfic in particular where I should've made better choices. I didn't know or realize the wrongness of the implied devices I used in "The Purgatory" when I first wrote it but I should've paused and thought better about it. It's not like the implied sexual assaults brought anything to the plot or character development. In one case, a resulting event didn't make any logical sense and it didn't need to be included in either instance. I apologize if those upset or put anyone off of the story or a more meaningful discussion on those topics.

As for my life, it's been pretty OK since the break. I finished my third year of college/university so I have a year left before I enter the real world (at least temporarily). I had a job for the spring semester and it was a good one. I had an interview for a summer internship yesterday and I think my chances are decent but I'll hear back by next week. I hope to see movies more this year and maybe once I get some money, I'll be able to.

I might have a mini Q&A thing through the reviews that I'd answer in the end of each post. I don't know, maybe or maybe not, it depends.