Overly Optimistic

Really long ago, wishes came to life
Under bright stars that dared to blindly shoot
Through the blanketed unknown of the night,
Holding dreams in hopes that they will come true.

Heaven, the product of these flashing lights,
Entrusted with all dreams, both old and new,
Aid wandering stars in their rapid flight,
Linking paths for celestials to cross through
Years waited for dreams' descent towards life.

Wild wishes yet Orion gladly sent
These glimpses of hope with heart-felt goodbyes
And a swing so mighty, his bludgeon bent
And scattered into stars of that night's skies.

Millions of light years, these shining stars went
Like celestials on steeds riding high
On endless fuel of sincere prayers God sent
Across infinite seas of yearning sighs.

Though legions have descended from their flight
Not as fulfilled dreams but as a fulfilled truth,
Hope still shines in the dark shrouds of the night.
One day, maybe one day, I will meet…