Hello, everyone! Here be characters jabbing at each other as if they were in the 'Mortal Kombat' franchise; featured here be some that were already used in my old fics and some that have yet to star in my stories.

Thank you!

1. Sedrick vs Amaruq

(Sedrick twirls his staff over both of his arms; throws it into the air and catches it gracefully)

(An Alaskan Malamute runs over, barking loudly twice; quickly, a young man in blue appears out of blue energy)

Sedrick: (holds his staff over his shoulder) I believe turning into animals is something many should try.

Amaruq: (unleashes his large hooks and holds them out)Only very few outsiders can master the art.

Sedrick: (smiles smugly) I'll happily take it.

2. Princess Ellen vs Elisapie

(Elisapie spins around in an orchid made of electricity; she jumps and spins head-first towards the ground and lands on one knee)

(Princess Ellen front flips with a grunt; holds her sword out with both of her hands)

Elisapie: (nobly stands with her hands behind her back) A kitten has stepped into the wolf's den.

Princess Ellen: (aims her sword at her)Canines and felines can get along.

Elisapie: (bares her teeth out) This canine will give her a spaying.

3. Muhammyd vs Prince Rais-Lian-Sagar

(Muhammyd cartwheels up to his opponent, and jumps onto his feet)

(Prince Rais twirls his mace and smashes onto the ground)

Muhammyd: (places his fists on his hips) You know, for two large men, we are seriously hammy.

Prince Rais: (smirks)Loud and proud.

Muhammyd: (leans towards him) And knock anyone to the ground!

4. Amaruq vs Muhammyd

(Amaruq holds out his hook-swords and chants several ancient words)

(Muhammyd flips with his butterfly-swords with a smile on his face, walking up to his opponent)

Amaruq: (aims the right one at Muhammyd with his knee up)I understand some clearly ingest more than others…

Muhammyd: (Aims his left palm at Amaruq as his sword is by his waist) I don't need abdominals to defeat my enemies.

Amaruq: (aims both hooks at him) Even for you there are limits.

5. Mitchell White vs Jaden O'Riley

(Mitchell struts confidently as he places a bullet into the last chamber of his left revolver)

(Jaden jumps out of a bright light, and gruntingly lands on his knee; he pulls the rifle from his back)

Mitchell: (holds out his two revolvers, ready to fire) Let's do the Humpty-Hump.

Jaden: (holds onto his rifle) Never got into that…

Mitchell: (smirks) Either way, you'll be limping to the side with a broken leg.

6. Adrian vs Princess Ellen

(Adrian appears on an electric hoverboard and quickly jumps off, landing on her knees; she stands up)

(Princess Ellen holds her sword up to the sky, twirls it vigorously, and aims it)

Adrian: (leans forward interestedly)Meeting royalty? Very fascinating.

Princess Ellen: (smiles at her)Very fine to admire.

Adrian: (holds her fists up with a smug smile) Beating a royal is even more!

7. Officer Miguel Hernandez vs Elisapie

(Officer Hernandez drinks a can of root beer and crushes the can against his head)

(Elisapie floats downs from the sky, lands; lightning flashes in her heads as she scowls)

Officer Hernandez: (pulls out his nightsticks) Some females start crying the moment they get smacked.

Elisapie: (holds her hands out)I take it honorably; crying females are expendable.

Officer Hernandez: (smiles madly) Finally, a real woman!

8. Mitchell White vs Officer Miguel Hernandez

(Mitchell takes a drink from his plastic bottle; he splatters some of it onto his hair)

(Officer Hernandez slides in on his skateboard; he performs an ollie and then stands on the solid ground)

Mitchell: (tosses his bottle in the air)Does it bother you that I prefer old-fashion guns?

Officer Hernandez: (holds his chin up) You pick up calls and stop criminals, who cares.

Mitchell: (gets into a pose) You're in for a treat.

9. Officer Cornelius Beck vs Adrian

(Officer Beck stands up from his motorcycle; he smirks as he brushes his ponytail)

(Adrian walks down the path, holding a camcorder close to her face)

Officer Beck: (points to his opponent) Teens like you shouldn't be fighting.

Adrian: (leans forward interestedly) My grades and knowledge are higher than your dingle.

Officer Beck: (folds his arms, huffingly) I threw up in Biology, just once!

10. Elisapie vs Basil

(Elisapie floats downs from the sky, lands; lightning flashes in her hands as she scowls)

(Basil twirls his axe over his head and around his body and smashes onto the ground)

Elisapie: (holds her hands out) Do you honestly believe you're stronger than me?

Basil: (sets his arms over his axe's end) You are only angered because you're single.

Elisapie: (large sparks out, angrily) Pest.

Hope you've enjoyed. Later!

-The Youngest Mistress.