Day Break Over The Ocean

Lese and Mason were sitting on the couch in Marilyn Freeland's living room chatting. It was a week after their high school graduation and Marilyn was hosting a post-graduation party gathering for those who weren't quite ready to say goodbye.

Lese and Mason were friendly classmates but not a couple. Now that high school was over and all the expectations, limitations, restrictions, boundaries, cliques and other obstacles were over, Lese was actually enjoying her conversation with Mason who she knew well enough but not on any meaningful level.

Lese was heading to Syracuse University at the end of the summer, Mason was off for Brown University in Rhode Island. She was working at Fontaine's Family Grocery Store one last summer while Mason was a camp instructor for the Blue County Recreation Day Camp Program.

"Anything you wish you could do before leaving for Syracuse?" Mason asked Lese as they nursed their illegal beers.

"I'd love to see the ocean," Lese replied.

"You mean again? Mason asked.

"I've never seen the ocean," Lese revealed with a sigh.

"You're kidding," Mason remarked with disbelief. "Not once?"

"My parents are homebodies," Lese explained. "We never go anywhere."

"Wow," Mason said with amazement. "That's crazy."

"I know," she said with regret. "I'd love to see it."

"Okay, let's go," Mason said enthusiastically.

"Where?" Lesa asked with confusion.

"The ocean!" Mason laughed.

"Now!?" Lesa frowned, glancing at the wall clock. "It's nearly one in the morning."

"We'd get there by three, three thirty," Mason grinned.

"I couldn't do that," Lesa said with a blush.

"Why not?" Mason asked.


"See!" He laughed. "Let's go!"

"What would I tell my parents?"

"That you stayed over Marilyn's," Mason offered.

"I don't like lying to them."

"Well, tell them the truth then," Mason grinned. "You went to see the ocean."

"With who?" Lese frowned.

"Marilyn," Mason whispered.

She looked embarrassed. "That would still be a lie," she said.

"It would," Mason agreed.

Lese glanced around the room. "You wouldn't tell anybody?" She asked.

He put his finger to his lip and nodded.

"What if we get caught?"

"By who?"

Lese thought about it for a moment. "Just you and me?"

"The less the merrier."

She twisted her hair in her hand as she considered his offer. "Let me go see if Marilyn will cover for me," she finally said.

"I'll wait here," Mason promised.

Lese left the room and Mason wondered if she'd actually go through with it. It was a spontaneous wild idea but why not? He always liked Lese and if he could give her the memorable treat of seeing the ocean for the first time why not give her the thrill?

Lese was standing in the doorway a few minutes later, motioning for Mason to come to her. He was impressed at how good she looked standing there with her long brown hair flopped over her shoulders and her long thin face. She was wearing black slacks and a green long sleeve shirt. Now that high school was over, Lese seemed older to him.

Mason got off the couch and joined Lese at the door.

"Marilyn said okay," she said quietly.


"But I'm nervous," Lese admitted.

"It will be okay," Mason assured her.

They left the house and got into Mason's car and a moment later they were on the highway heading east for the Atlantic Ocean. They both knew things were different as soon as they were outside of Hillsboro and then Blue County, traveling through the night.

They talked about their school experiences of the past and their school hopes for the future.

"It is such a pity, isn't it?" Lese realized after a few miles of silence.

"What?" Mason asked.

"Not seeing the ocean," she sighed.

"It is," he agreed, telling her of his memories of the crashing waves as a little boy and the many day trips and family vacations on Cape Cod, Summer Beach, and the coast of Maine.

"I guess this isn't so foolish then," Lesa decided.

The moon hung high in the clear night sky and that allowed Lese to tell Mason some of her dreams, something she didn't usually do, even with her ex-boyfriend Reggie.

"Why do you like the ocean?" She asked.

"It's soothing and beautiful," Mason answered. "It's large and endless. It sings to you with its waves."

"Will it sooth me?" Lese asked.

"Yes," Mason promised.

"I hope so," Lese mused.

"Being at the ocean is like being in a different world," Mason remarked.

"That's why I want to see it," Lese said. She gave him a look. "Thanks for taking me."

"You deserve to see it," Mason reasoned.

"Happiness can be hard to find sometimes," Lese said sadly.

Mason continued the drive and Lese imagined hearing the sounds of the ocean and smelling the salt air. She absentmindedly started to sing out loud.

Bring back, bring back my baby

Daybreak over the ocean,

Moonlight still on the sea

I pray the waves gentle motion

Bring my baby back to me?

And the stars sprinkle the morning,

Venus fades from my sight

Will my love be returning

Like the Sun to brightening over my life?

Days break over the ocean,

Moonlight still on the sea

I pray the waves gentle motion

Bring my baby back to me?

Bring it back

Oh, bring it back

Bring back my baby.

Darling if you could only

Hear this song in my heart,

Then you will know why you need, never feel lonely

We'll soon be together, never to depart.

And as long as there is an ocean,

Long as starts are to shine

Baby you will always have my devotion, have my devotion.

I'll love you pretty baby

Tell the end of time.

And the days break over the ocean,

Moonlight still on the sea

I pray the waves gentle motion

Bring my baby back to me?

Darlin' if you should ever

Wonder what you should do

Baby you should know I'll love you forever.

Maybe little darlin' that will see you through.

And as the sunset set over the ocean

And the world fades from you

Baby always know my love and devotion

Will brighten up the night

Because I love you.

Mason didn't say anything and Lese blushed in the passing headlights at her musical performance.

"It's an obscure Beach Boys song," she explained. "From their 50th anniversary album that came out in 2012. Reggie gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago and I haven't stopped playing that song since.

"You're a good singer," Mason said.

"No I'm not," she said rolling her eyes. "But that song makes me want to see the ocean all the more."

"What's it called?"

"Daybreak Over The Ocean."

"Your dream is about to come true," Mason said.