We Used to be Friends

I remember you all, even to this day.
We used to be friends.
But what am I to you now?

From the early days in Indiana,
I lived in a world of enemies
and parental abuse.
But there were a few,
that I could see as allies.
Those that supported
and defended me.
We used to be friends.
But now we don't even talk.

The era of Michigan was one of the best
Without it I wouldn't be me.
And some of the most important
friends in my life, lived in this state.
From the British boy whom I considered,
my imperial partner and loyal defender.
From the proud militarist responsible for,
my obsession with history and war.
The ones who love my native homeland,
and reintroduced me to old habits.
The ones who make amazing art,
the ones who had similar problems as I
the ones, who tried to protect me from my foes.
We used to be friends.
Do you still even remember me?

The end of Michigan put my world in turmoil.
But even then in those miserable years,
I still managed to find those I'd call my friends.
The one whom I loved as the brother I wish I had.
The Michigander who stabilized my life with her
connection to my previous home.
The German whom I had the most complex feelings for;
a true frenemy, I sometimes loved, and sometimes wanted to kill.
Still, since those chaotic days in Hiroo Gakuen,
out of my own volition, I've only met with two of you:
my favorite classmate, and my first Belarusian.
What's stopping the rest of you from catching up with me?
We used to be friends.
Though I still feel the sting of betrayal.

And in all eras of my life,
as well as, and especially, the digital realm,
I've been a recipient of treachery.
Those whom I would've done anything for,
have in the end, left me forlorn.
Even the seemingly eternal,
friends I had in my high school class,
were mostly nothing but traitors and fake friends.
Knowingly putting me in a hazardous situation,
despite being, for many years, aware of my disposition.
Online I see this far more often.
Many have responded to me with treason.
Broken promises, clandestine double-crossings;
friends I used to consider role models
turned out to be enemies in disguise.
We used to be friends.
And now I'd rather see you die.

To those I consider friends nowadays:
I beseech you to never force me
To say to you, the following words:
We used to be friends.