This is another reflection piece on my forty-year love affair with the world's greatest rock and roll band, the Rolling Stones. I don't own any of these classic lyrics or the magic of the Rolling Stones. Please comment nicely!


I did murder today. It's all over now. But before I go I'd like to say a few words about the Rolling Stones. They made me a killer and now I have to pay the price. But I love them anyway and man, that is the sign of a real fan.

The Rolling Stones turned me against everyone, even my father. He was a smart man, but he grew up poor in the Bronx during the Depression, the son of a light-skinned Jamaican immigrant. Now my father wasn't a black man, but he wasn't exactly white either. He was between the buttons. He was a smart man, an English professor, only he was fat and disgusting and he drank too much. When he killed himself, nice people said it was very sad. Secretly I took a bit different view of it. You sold me out and that's that!

Living with my father made me feel angry all the time, when I wasn't scared or sick to my stomach. But the Rolling Stones made me feel like Jumping Jack Flash. So what if I had no friends and no plans for the future? I didn't need anyone. I still don't. Don't hang around because two's a crowd on my cloud!

See the Rolling Stones are great because they got away with being just what they wanted to be. They were never afraid of not being black enough, or white enough, or tough enough, or smart enough. They knew they were special and they showed the whole world what they could do. But I'm not like that. I was lying just now about doing murder and paying the price. I couldn't kill anyone, not really. I'm just a nice little man who works in a library.

I only get my rocks off when I'm dreaming!

Well, you can't always get what you want. And maybe I'm a fool to cry. But they'll never break, never break, never break, this heart of stone. Because whatever happens to me, the Rolling Stones will not fade away. The Stones will roll on, even after I'm dead and gone.

And the rest doesn't matter.


Mr. Jimmy