It was cold. There was a tense, lonely chill to the air. The brief swim across the lake did not warm Chris heart the way it used to. Something was missing that he couldn't place.

A brisk breeze from the west washed through his short blonde hair and gave the calm Lake District a gentle almost comforting swirl. The reflecting sunset broke into calm ripples like the sunrise against a great mountain valley. A wave of Chris wet hair brushed down across his left cheek, given little extra warmth to his cool white skin. A warm stream broke the chill to the air and parted the hair away from his cheek. Chris skin rose from the new sensation and gave him cause to smile. A relieved breath traced back along his water-logged flesh and ran along the back of his neck. Chris craned his head forward to give his gentle frivolous boyfriend Jim access to his handsome ass. The warm breath of Jim's mouth trailed down Chris neckline, sending a comforting chill down her back. The blonde 16-year-old closed his eyes and sank into the dreaminess of the moment.

A pair of fingers brushed lightly across Chris left cheek. He leaned into the warm touch expecting a loving hand to cup his balls. Chris found air for his effort and was instead joyfully surprised by the same two mulatto fingers retracing the course of the warm breath. Gently, barely contacting his skin, the fingers ran down to the edge of his soft blue speedos. Chris greenish eyes sprung open in shock as he felt the lowering of his speedos. A second set of fingers had found their way in front and had undone the loose-fitting material. In his mind, he fought the insistence. Chris body refused. The first pair of chocolate-colored fingers continued down his back, taking away his inhibitions as the speedos floated up from beneath the water from his groin. He found himself swaying his hips from side to side as the unrelenting fingers grasped over his soft ass cheeks and slid down to the crack from Chris legs.

The setting sun had passed overhead, leaving only a hazy modern art style glow. The comforting light of an impartial evening gradually took its place, embracing Chris consciousness in ecstasy. Could this be happening? Could he be so lucky this night, which seemed so empty but now had meaning? No, he mustn't think such things. This was real and awesome. The cool air tickling his exposed skin and cherry lips kissing him silly was proof enough.

Chris closed his eyes and entrusted Jim with the fun they had planned for the night. A warm dark hand encased his and led him towards the lake. He could hear Jim part the edges of the water and whirlwind anticipation overcame the blonde teen. He wanted to stop, knowing that the British autumn cool would be much stronger in the water. But still, his body would not indulge the needs of his horny mind.

He continued, first feeling a sharp chill up from his right leg, then the cool water caressing his torso. Chris had followed waist deep before he had to stop. The warm hand caramel loosened. A second hand cupped over the top of the first. A wave brushed against Chris side, washing under his balls. He opened his mouth to object to Jim's obvious and predatory approach. Chris unrealized objection was met with the fiery connection of Jim's hot lips. Warmth he hadn't felt enveloped his sun-kissed skin and filled Chris body and suddenly the cold did not seem to matter anymore.

Jim's lips fit Chris perfectly. The undying kiss was soft, but forceful. Demanding, yet inviting. For every ounce he accepted from Jim, Chris received just as much as his fantasies dreamed up. Chris body felt afire with thrills and passion. Jim's slender arms wrapped around Chris waist and pulled him close to the mulatto youth. Chris found solace there as Jim cradled his entire body against his exposed delicious flesh. Chris trusted Jim entirely and let go all thoughts, apprehension and backtracking negative opinions.

Jim could've done anything to him. He broke the kiss and ran the tip of his lips down Chris right cheek. Chris leaned to the left, allowing him to continue his pursuit to leave a hickey on his neck. He stopped several times, sealing his lips to Chris skin and gently running the tip of his tongue in a circle across the white boy's flesh. Chris neck was his true goal, one that he leaned toward with almost vampiric passion. Jim entrapped the curve with his strong lips and devoured Chris as if to drain his soul in a classic Gothic style.

Chris couldn't let him have all the glory, though his body was more than willing. Chris slid his hands around Jim's side and up the center of his back. Chris held on tight below his neck, while he allowed the other to explore his young form. Chris traced down the middle of Jim's back, breaking only at the touch of his soft behind. He ran down this soft curve with the back of Chris fingers, letting out a soft moan in the process.

Jim found a cue in his actions. His hands slid down Chris sides, running along the edges of his warm balls. Chris swayed in the fading sunlight at the passing, but he did not stop. Jim pressed slightly as his hands ran along Chris hips, pulling him tight against his body. Chris could feel his excitement int the heat of the moment with every stretch of his cock.

Jim worked his hands across Chris behind and gripped tightly. His lips broke their hold of Chris neck. He followed the front of Chris cool neck, flicking the tip of his tongue across his skin as he went. Like the soft waves washing up Chris side, his wonderful hard weapon of passion rimmed alongside his own cock.

Jim kissed down the middle of Chris balls before circling around the base of the left. Chris breathed deep in his lungs in anticipation of his actions. He was not disappointed. Jim rounded Chris soft balls, kissing every inch. He stopped at the top then ran his tongue down to Chris left nipple. He gently circled the English boy's excited state, barely touching him. Chris bit down on his lower lip and increased her grip of him. Jim's lips came closer to the tip of his nipple and gently brushed the end, all the while he worked his hands as if he were working with clay.

Chris didn't know if he could take much more of this. The passion in his swooning heart overpowered his judgment. Chris let go of Jim and ran his hand between the two of them. Chris tried his best to work his hand towards his goal, but he wouldn't allow it. Jim simply held him even tighter to his body. He enveloped Chris balls with his lips and continued to circle his nipple with his tongue.

Take me! Chris thought to himself. Take me now! Jim broke his impassioned kiss of his balls and let a gap form between their two bodies. Without saying a word, he sank into the water to his neck. His arms dropped to Chris legs and wrapped around them. Chris could feel his feet leave the smooth lake floor. He rose from the water to his thighs. An obscenity almost left his lips, but it had no voice. Chris felt his soft cheeks brush against his thighs. With no control of his own, Chris legs slid apart against his shoulders. The many curves of Jim's face met his pelvis. His tongue, which had improved with every use found its target and worked as if it were a snake slithering to the prey it was hunting.

Chris gasped and again bit his lip. A paralyzing bolt of overwhelming ecstasy froze his body. Chris dropped his hands to Jim's head. Chris fingers traced through Jim's curly black hair, mimicking his unrelenting wanton exploration of his body. Jim found every fold within his boyfriend and explored them diligently, sending wave after wave of passion throughout the blonde hottie.

Eyes wide, Chris stared into the rainbow heavens. He was unable to speak. A shutter formed deep within him and he gripped some of Jim's soft hair. It was all he could do to keep from pulling out his soft follicles. A scream filled Chris throat, but the onslaught of ultimate near explosive enjoyment silenced him. Chris legs tightened around Jim's neck. He felt him approach orgasm and pressed further within him. It was the final push and Chris exploded in total enjoyment.

Chris could hardly breathe, but Jim was not finished with him. He lowered him to the lake bottom and rose up beneath Chris. His moistened tool of sexual pleasure slid up between Chris thighs and penetrated his begging rose bud. Chris swallowed his breath and held it as the shuttering sensation returned with a vengeance. He hadn't recovered from his first experience when the very impact of Jim, which sent Chris over the edge again. This time his passion found voice and he moaned into Jim's ear.

Jim gripped his legs and wrapped them around his waist, allowing him full range of motion within Chris. He gripped his ass and kneaded Chris cheeks in time with his thrusts. A rush of cool water ran between his cheeks and against his moist sensitive flesh holding him in a momentary state of pleasure. Jim's fingers dug into Chris skin, compacting his insides around Jim's manhood. Chris could feel every inch of Jim sliding with him. To his joy, Chris could feel the edge of ultimate ecstasy and his muscles tightened around Jim. His thick fingers dug into his back. Chris locked his lips on Jim's rich cocoa neck and bit into him passionately. It was the Hot Spot to unlock both their doors of gratification. He moaned and wanted to back away. Chris ground into him, not allowing Jim to escape. Chris wanted to feel every explosion of his enjoyment and he did. Jim erupted within his boyfriend, filling him with a loving warmth that gave Chris a final shock of pure delight. Jim thrust into him five more times, completing his pleasure play, then the two boys sank into the water in each other's embrace.