How I Love You

The way that I love you,
Words can't describe,
Not fully, entirely,
Without compromise.

Still I must express,
With words I can find,
The way you're never far,
From my heart, my mind.

Oh what I would do,
To provide all you need,
Be your support in struggle,
Help you to succeed.

This intense limerence,
Drawing me to you.
Extreme desire, longing,
Has never been more true.

Alterous emotions,
Difficult to define.
Between romantic and platonic,
There isn't a fine line.

Behaviors, desires, feelings,
Convey my true heart.
The elation of togetherness,
The pain of being apart.

The way my heart flutters,
As it grows warm,
When touch occurs between us,
In whatever form.

All butterflies and jitters,
But deep inside even more.
A deep, unforgettable love,
That shakes me to the core.

Parts romantic, parts platonic,
Parts I cannot name.
They make my mind soar,
Set my heart aflame.