Author's Note: Here's the next installment of my Garfield Stephenson Wu series, folks!

This story is a direct sequel to my FanFiction story D4 Scooby-Doo! Le Fantôme dans le Place des Arts, and as the title suggests, it is based on the 1998 Jackie Chan film Rush Hour, with some differentiation from the source material.

Once again, the Garfield in this story is my fictional alter ego Garfield Stephenson Wu, NOT his namesake, the title character of the comic strip Garfield created by Jim Davis.

Chapter 1: A raid at the port

April 26, 1973

It was night time over at the Port of Vancouver, and much of the port has quieted down, though nighttime harbour activities continued as ships arrive from or depart for the journey across the Pacific.

Several workers were busy loading cargo onto or off the vessels, and the machinery were running smoothly as the cargo were loaded on or off the flat rail cars.

There was some smoke coming from the workers taking a break with a smoke, in addition to steam from the machinery and the vessels.

The scene eventually shifted towards one particular vessel, where machinery and forklifts were busy loading crates and containers onto it.

All of the crates and containers have the labels "To Hong Kong - 往香港" on them, a clear indication that the vessel they were loading on is primed to depart for Hong Kong.

As the dock workers continued to work, a man dressed in a tan brown dress shirt walked past a dock worker busy tying knots near a stack of crates.

"趕快!" (Hurry up!) The man said to the dock worker as he walked past him. "我們沒有整個傍晚的!" (We don't have all evening!)

The dock worker only grunted in reply, and the man continued on towards the docked vessel.

As the man continued on to the vessel, the scene shifted back to the dock worker he was speaking to earlier in an angle that allows his face to be fully seen underneath the flat cap he is wearing.

The dock worker narrowed his eyes at the sight of the retreating back of the man that had spoke to him earlier, and he glanced around before resumed tying the knots.

A short while later, a man with brown hair surreptitiously followed the man when a couple of footsteps can be heard around the corner of the stack of crates.

Swiftly, the man quickly leaped into the water, just as another two dock workers emerged from the stack of crates.

The two dock workers were each finishing a smoke as they emerged from the stack of crates, then they threw their cigarettes to the side and turned towards the lone dock worker tying the knots.

"一切都準備好了嗎?" (Everything ready to go?) The taller dock worker asked.

"你們再給我五分鐘,一切就準備好了。" (Give me five more minutes, everything would be ready to go.) The dock worker tying the knots responded. "同時,你們可以發動船了。" (In the meantime, you guys can start the vessel.)

"好的。" (Sounds good.) The bulky second dock worker nodded as he tipped his cap.

The two dock workers then took their leaves, during which the scene shifted towards the nearby piers, revealing the brown-haired man holding onto the column above the water.

The man peeked over, and after ensuring that the dock worker tying the knots is the only person around, he got up from his hiding spot and continued on down the docks towards where the man he was shadowing earlier were heading towards.

As the brown-haired man walked by him, the dock worker turned towards the direction he was heading, then he surreptitiously left his station and headed the opposite direction.

A short while later, on the vessel, another dock worker was walking down the walkway when a whistle attracted his attention, then he turned towards its source, only for the brown-haired man to flash a gun and motioned him to join him.

The scene then shifted to near the ramp leading to the docked vessel, during which the man from earlier were greeted by another man from the vessel.

The man in the tan brown shirt nodded back as he joined the man from the vessel, who was dressed in a white Zhongshan suit with a pair of black trousers.

"Everything all set and ready to go?" The man in the white Zhongshan suit asked.

"Yes." The man in the tan brown shirt replied before taking a nearby box, opened it and added, "We've managed to get the artifacts specified to Yikui's tastes."

The man in the white Zhongshan suit took the object out from the box and examined it briefly, then he nodded as he replaced it in the box.

As the two men continued to discuss, a nearby manhole cover opened up, and then the brown-haired man from earlier emerged from his spot with his weapon drawn.

"Freeze!" The brown-haired man shouted, surprising the two men by the vessel before they turned towards him, the man in the tan brown shirt slowly raising his hands.

As the brown-haired man marched towards the two men by the vessel, a night light shined onto the RCMP badge clipped to his belt.

With his gun drawn on the two men, the RCMP investigator spoke into the radio, "I'm in position. Move in."

As the investigator radioed in, one of the two men tried to reach into his pocket, though the investigator immediately caught sight of it.

"Keep your hands up in the air!" The investigator snapped, and the man in the tan brown shirt kept his hands in the air. "I won't ask again!"

"And just what makes you think you're bringing us in?" The man in white sneered, the Cantonese accent evident in his voice. "If I'm not mistaken, there's two of us and only one of you as of now."

"Correction." Another voice suddenly said, and the two men turned towards its source. "There's two of you and two of us as well."

The source of that voice soon revealed itself as it emerged from the shadows, revealing the dock worker from earlier.

The RCMP investigator nodded as the dock worker discarded his disguise, revealing himself to be Garfield Stephenson Wu working undercover.

"Quite the scheme your boss has running for quite the while." Garfield said as he gripped the crowbar in his hand. "Using fishing boats to smuggle artifacts across the Pacific, namely the Twenty Indigenous Wonders of Canada and several more indigenous artifacts that we've got here."

"Yes." The RCMP investigator agreed. "Now one more question from us: Where is Yikui?"

Just as the investigator finished his sentence, a shot from the vessel suddenly rang out, hitting the investigator.

"Inspector!" Garfield shouted as he quickly rushed over to the investigator, during which the man in white took advantage of the commotion and shoved the man in the tan brown shirt towards the duo.

"快跑!" (Run!) A voice echoed from the vessel.

During this time, the man in the tan brown shirt fumbled for his gun, but Garfield was expecting the move and swiftly disarmed him with a punch.

Then, before the man could retaliate, Garfield delivered another kick and swiftly sent the man to the ground.

As Garfield glanced at the man on the ground, a near-miss shot from the vessel reminded him of the next priority, and he swiftly grabbed the inspector's weapon and fired a couple of shots towards the vessel.

A cry of pain from the vessel confirmed the hit, and Garfield quickly turned his attention back to the inspector.

"Officer down!" Garfield shouted into his radio. "Send medical help to Pier 6A!"

Then, to the inspector, he then added, "Inspector Hudak, are you with us?"

Groaning, the inspector insisted, "I'm...fine. Go after Lu!"

Seeing Lu's retreating figure in the distance, Garfield quickly raced after the fugitive as sirens began to wail in the distance.

As RCMP cruisers and ambulances began pulling up, Garfield sprinted after Lu as the fugitive rolled under a parked truck.

Seeking to do the same thing, Garfield raced through the gap between two containers, only to be knocked out when the container to his right suddenly pushed him forward.

Swiftly, Garfield quickly jumped towards the container on his right, kicking himself upwards at contact in the process, before grabbing onto the edge of the container on his left and swung himself upward just as the gap between the two containers closed.

With a flip, Garfield landed on his feet on the two containers and immediately went after the forklift operator that attempted to flatten him into a pancake.

The operator, blocked by the container in front of him, was oblivious to Garfield's arrival, and he was caught off guard by Garfield suddenly swinging right into the cab and delivering a swift kick that knocked him out of the cab.

Upon knocking the forklift operator out cold, Garfield resumed his chase and rolled under the parked truck.

By the time he reached the other side of the truck, Lu was already on his motorboat and speeding out of the harbour towards the open sea.

"Blast!" Garfield swung his fist in annoyance, during which the RCMP cruisers and the ambulances began pulling up.

As officers rushed out of the cruisers, Garfield said into his radio. "Lu got away."

An hour later, in a hotel located a few blocks away from Pacific Central Station in downtown Vancouver, a late-night party was well into its closing phase.

The party was attended by officials from the Department of External Affairs, the Hong Kong Government Office information centre in Vancouver and high-ranking members of the Legislature of British Columbia.

It was a farewell party for Dalton Merton, who is taking up a new diplomatic post in Hong Kong as the head of the Canadian Commission.

Merton was in the middle of his second tenure as one of the six MLCs representing the Lower Mainland in the Legislative Council of British Columbia, the upper house of the BC Legislature, when he was appointed to head the Canadian Commission in Hong Kong, hence the attendance of high-ranking members of the BC Legislature at his farewell party.

Prior to his tenure as MLC, Merton worked in the Department of External Affairs and has seen postings overseas, mostly in Eastern Asia.

At present, Merton was standing by the side of the front stage as Chief Superintendent Douglas Graham of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force, who started his career at Scotland Yard in London and was transferred to Hong Kong as an inspector and whom Merton was acquainted with from their time in the war, finished his closing remarks.

"And now, I believe Commissioner Merton would like to say a few words before the toast." Graham finished, and Merton nodded as the chief superintendent motioned him to take the podium.

Upon taking the podium, Merton cleared his throat as he glanced at his notes briefly, then he turned towards Graham, who nodded at him encouragingly.

Nodding back, Merton turned back towards the table of guests and began.

"Good evening, everyone." Merton began. "Words cannot express the excitement I am feeling from my diplomatic appointment as the new Commissioner of the Canadian Commission in Hong Kong, in addition to the pending departure for the Pearl of the Orient."

There were some murmurs among the guests as some of them nodded thoughtfully, and Merton continued.

As the outgoing MLC touched on his past diplomatic career and accomplishments in the BC Legislative Council, Garfield, now donning a suit, entered the the room, during which Graham turned towards him.

Nodding, Garfield whispered something into Graham's ear, and Merton paused before he turned towards Graham and Garfield, who then repeated whatever was whispered earlier.

Some of the guests arched their eyebrows when Merton looked pleased by the news delivered from Garfield, and then Merton returned to the podium.

"Ladies and gentlemen." Merton said. "I have just been informed that thanks to a joint sting operation between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Royal Hong Kong Police Force, hundreds of stolen indigenous artifacts, including the Twenty Indigenous Wonders of Canada, have been successfully recovered."

At the announcement, the guests began to clap their hands and cheer, and Garfield nodded as Graham looked at him proudly.

"Thousands of years worth of Indigenous Canadian culture were long thought to be lost, but thanks to the raid carried out at the Port of Vancouver this past hour, we can be rest assured that the cultural artifacts are now in safe hands and will be promptly returned to their rightful owners." Merton continued.

As Merton made the remark, Garfield looked towards a couple of First Nations band chiefs in attendance, both of whom nodded when their eyes met.

"In addition, thanks to the raid, Yikui's criminal organization, who specializes in smuggling similar artifacts with Hong Kong and Vancouver as its operation centres, have been shut down on the Canadian side." Merton said. "And considering the size and scope of Yikui's Canadian quarters, the crime lord is sure gonna have a huge headache trying to keep his empire afloat when he has to rebuild his North American operations from scratch again."

With a nod, he continued, "Coupling that with the Hong Kong authorities cracking down on organized crime, it's only a matter of time before Yikui's criminal organization becomes history."

The farewell party ended not long after the guests took part in a farewell toast to Merton, and Garfield gathered with Graham and Merton in the main lobby.

"You certainly look like you're disturbed by something, Mr. Wu." Graham observed.

"I was this close to capturing Lu." Garfield admitted. "Not to mention we could've anticipated that Yikui was employing a sniper in his gang that prevented me from getting to Lu when he made his getaway."

"You did what you could, Mr. Wu." Graham said as he and Merton turned towards Garfield. "In the face of what was at stake during the raid, you took the best course of action that resulted in the recovery of those indigenous artifacts and Inspector Hudak getting the medical attention he needed."

"Not to mention that given Lu acts the way he did, there's no telling he's gonna give up Yikui that easily should you capture him, Garfield." Merton added.

"Yes." Graham nodded. "All it matters now is that we've struck a critical blow to Yikui's criminal organization and recovered thousands of years worth of Indigenous Canadian artifacts."

"Of course." Garfield nodded thoughtfully. "Not to mention that Hudak's expected to make a full recovery, thankfully, though doctors said that he will be out of commission for the next three, four weeks."

"Oh, that reminds me." Merton said. "We ought to drop by the hospital and pay Anthony a visit, Doug."

"Of course." Graham agreed. "Either way, a job well done, Mr. Wu."

"Yes." Merton nodded as he patted Garfield in the back. "Your help was crucial in the success of this raid."

April 27, 1973

The next morning at Pacific Central Station, Garfield was making his final farewell to Merton, who was accompanied by his ten-year old daughter Katherine, before he boarded the Montreal-bound Canadian to return home for Ottawa.

"So I heard that you're starting an internship with the Department of Public Works next Monday." Merton remarked.

"Yes, I am." Garfield nodded. "Four months in the civil engineering branch, where I will be working with the team designing the new Alexandria Bridge."

"I take it that you're excited for your internship, eh?" Merton asked.

"I am." Garfield replied. "Especially since it's a work experience that would be crucial for my later studies and career progression in civil engineering."

"I'm sure it is." Merton nodded before extending his hand and added, "Well, I wish you the best of luck for your future."

"Thank you, Dalton." Garfield nodded back as he shook Merton's offered hand. "I also wish you the best for your new posting in Hong Kong."

Merton smiled before Garfield turned towards Katherine, who didn't look too happy.

"Something eating you, Katie?" Garfield asked.

"Nothing in particular." Katherine replied. "I just wished I get to see you more often, and now it's gonna be more difficult now that we're going to be at opposite sides of the ocean."

"Oh, don't feel too bad." Garfield said as he brushed her hair.

"Besides, I'm worried if I'm gonna make any friends in my new school in Hong Kong." Katherine continued. "Especially since I'm sure I'm going to have to learn some Cantonese."

"Not to worry, Katie." Garfield smiled reassuringly. "People in Hong Kong are generally very nice, and besides, I'm sure you'll be able to make a lot of new friends in Hong Kong."

"You really think so?" Katherine asked.

"Of course." Garfield nodded before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver necklace with a butterfly on it.

Kneeling down to place the necklace around her neck, Garfield added, "This necklace is for you."

Smiling, Katherine nodded as he placed the necklace around her neck before she said, "Thank you."

"You're very welcome." Garfield nodded as he stood up.

"So are you gonna visit?" Katherine asked.

Garfield scratched his head before replying, "I'll have to see, especially with my university studies and work, though I've always wanted to visit the Pearl of the Orient and will always be figuring out a time to visit the city."

As he made the remark, Garfield thought back to the time back in Glebe when he made a similar promise to his friend Rebecca Lee, who is from Hong Kong.

"I'm sure you'll be able to figure things out." Katherine smiled.

Garfield nodded before he knelt down again for Katherine to give him a hug, and then he said, "Take care, Katie."

"I will." Katherine nodded.

After the embrace, Garfield got up and once again shook hands with Merton.

"Take care of yourself, Garfield." Merton said as they shook hands.

"I will, and same to you, Dalton." Garfield nodded back.

After the handshake, Garfield waved his hand to them in farewell as he made his way towards the platforms.

A short while later, the Montreal-bound CP Rail train sounded its horn, and the 18-car train slowly began to pull out of Vancouver's Pacific Central Station, beginning its three-day journey across the continent.

As Garfield glanced out of the window from his seat, a CN Rail-operated Super Continental arriving from Toronto sounded its horn as it passed the CP train.

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