Chapter 17: It hits the fan

Time: 10:00 Hong Kong Daylight Time (UTC+09:00)

Over at the Canadian Commission, Chu, Hon and Hung were in the process of trying to retrace Lu's steps as Merton returned to his seat.

"So as we've known so far, Lu is the culprit in the kidnapping of your daughter, Commissioner." Hung began. "What is it that you could've done in the past, in Canada may I add, that would've resulted in Lu retaliating by pulling this off?"

Merton looked up at Chu as the chief superintendent nodded, "Especially given how professionally they've executed the kidnapping, this would point to very serious business that is deeply personal in nature."

"So this begs the question: Why would Lu target your daughter?" Hon prompted.

"I believe that I have the answer, gentlemen." A voice suddenly spoke, and the three police officers turned towards its source.

Standing at the doorway to Merton's office stood Chief Superintendent Douglas Graham, who was in his dress uniform, and Hon and Hung immediately snapped to attention while Merton stood up.

"Chief Superintendent Graham." Chu nodded.

"Chief Superintendent Chu." Graham nodded back as he stepped forward and approached Merton. "Dalton."

"Douglas." Merton said as he reached over to share a brief embrace with Graham.

As Graham patted Merton in the back, he said, "Sorry that I couldn't be here with you sooner at a time when your daughter's life is still in danger."

"Yeah, I should've thought of coming to you for help when news broke." Merton nodded. "Could've saved Mr. Wu a trip across the Pacific that is pretty much wasted now, considering what happened last night."

"I gathered." Graham nodded. "Nonetheless, we must continue with our work in getting your daughter back."

"Indeed." Merton agreed as Graham turned around to face Chu, Hon and Hung.

Time: 11:45 Hong Kong Daylight Time (UTC+09:00)

"Thanks, Fred." Garfield was speaking on the telephone as the printer attached to the fax machine began printing out the file pages one by one.

Holding the earpiece between his ear and shoulder, Garfield reached over to the printer and scanned the pages briefly.

Once the pages were all printed out, Garfield then added, "Yes, I've got everything I need."

A pause went by before he nodded. "Appreciate the help, Fred. Say hi to the rest of the gang for me."

Lee was in the process of reading a file on Gwok when Garfield hung up the telephone, and the inspector promptly looked up.

"拿到我們需要的資料嗎?" (Got the information we need?) Lee prompted, and Garfield nodded as he held up the file that was faxed over.

"收到了。" (Received it.) Garfield replied in confirmation as Lee joined him in the kitchen.

Lee looked on as Garfield placed the file onto the table and flipped it open, and the inspector squinted as Fong's mugshot greeted them at the front page.

Flipping the mugshot aside, Lee proceeded to scan the first page of the file before moving to the summary detailing the case that resulted in Fong's arrest and subsequent incarceration.

"基本上,馮安生主要在經營恆光瑜在舊金山的走私和保護敲詐行動。(So basically, Fong was responsible for running Forever Enlightened's smuggling and protection racket operations in San Francisco) Garfield summarized. "為了避免他們的爛攤子被關上門,他和他的下手裝神弄鬼來嚇走任何可能會爆露他們的可疑行動的人。" (To avoid getting their operations shut down, he and his minions basically used a ghost legend to scare off any suspicious person.)

Lee arched his eyebrows. "他們係用甚麼傳說來裝神弄鬼的?" (What sort of legend did they employ?)

"依據我的了解,他們採用鄭陶之魂的傳說。" (From what I understood, they used the legend of the Ghost of Zen Tuo.) Garfield replied as he glanced at Lee. "但他再怎麼用傳說來暗度陳倉,馮安生到最後也沒有辦法逃脫被神秘事件公司一網打盡的命運。" (But even with the legend, Fong couldn't escape the inevitable of getting brought to justice in thanks to Mystery Inc.)

"我也看的出來。" (I can see that.) Lee nodded thoughtfully as he flipped through the file.

As that was happening, Garfield gestured at the photo he was looking at while waiting for his call to be connected and asked, "督察,你那張照片裡的那位姑娘係誰?" (Inspector, who's the lady in that photograph?)

Lee paused and turned towards Garfield, then he walked towards the photos and picked out the one Garfield was gesturing towards.

"你係話緊張照片嗎?" (Are you talking about this photograph?) Lee prompted as he held up the photo in question.

"係的。" (Yes.) Garfield nodded. "那位陪著您的姑娘係誰?" (Who's the lady accompanying you?)

Lee sighed, and Garfield figured that his initial assessments on who the lady in the photograph is may be accurate.

"她係我當年的未婚妻。" (She was my fiancée back then.) Lee replied. "她在七年前因為結核病而辭世的。" (She passed away seven years ago from tuberculosis.)

Garfield nodded solemnly as he placed his hand on Lee's shoulder. "我為你感到遺憾。" (I am so sorry to hear.)

Lee nodded. "最糟透的地方就係她開始住院的時候,她的結核病還能接受治療的。" (The worst part was that when she was initially admitted to the hospital, her tuberculosis was treatable.)

Garfield looked up briefly. "但係?" (But?)

"我和她的家庭沒有辦法負得起醫護人員要求的茶錢。" (Her family and I couldn't afford the tea money demanded by the medical staff.) Lee said. "他們也就不看好她。" (And so they didn't attend to her properly.)

"茶錢。" (Tea money.) Garfield repeated. "那也太過分吧!" (That is very ridiculous!)

Lee grunted. "她在病情逐漸惡化的情況下在我們要結婚前兩個禮拜辭世的。" (Her condition deteriorated afterwards, and she died two weeks before we were due to wed.)

"真的很過分。" (That was really unwarranted.) Garfield scoffed as he shook his head before he asked, "緊也係為什麼你對那些要求和接受茶錢的人員有極大的反感,對不對?" (This also explains why you hold those that demand and accept tea money with great contempt, right?)

Lee nodded. "更係為何我們也必須加速的搜查出試圖陷害我們的那兩位跟那兩個大幫之間的關係。" (Also why we need to work fast in finding the connections between the dirtbags that attempted to set us up and those two gangs.)

Garfield nodded firmly as they glanced at Fong's file before they promptly returned to Lee's living room.

Meanwhile, back at the Canadian Commission, Merton was staring out the window as Chief Superintendent Graham spoke.

"In the decade leading up to the 1967 Riots, the mysterious crime lord Yikui was in the process of raising through the ladder of Hong Kong's criminal underworld." Graham began. "Specialising in the acquisition of rare antiques, counterfeiting and smuggling on behalf of a number of other gang players on both sides of the Pacific, Yikui eventually established himself as a crucial, major player."

Chu, Hon and Hung shared glances with each other as Graham continued, "Then, along came the riots and Yikui took advantage of the situation to consolidate operations in Hong Kong and further established himself as one of the most powerful crime lords in the Asia Pacific and on the American and Canadian West Coast."

Then, turning towards the trio, Graham exhaled before saying, "In the six years that followed, we've been trying to shut down Yikui's operations, particularly in Canada, without any success. Not even after his gang suffered a blow from that infighting that led to the formation of Forever Enlightened in '69 did it improve matters in our efforts to track down Yikui."

Hung exhaled as Chu asked, "And what did Commissioner Merton has to do with all of this, Graham?"

"Well, Mr. Wu and I have played our parts in assisting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in curtailing Yikui's operations in Canada." Merton turned around to face the four police officers. "For months, they succeeded in confiscating millions of dollars worth of merchandise, ranging from weapons and cash to stolen artifacts, many of which were taken from the Indigenous communities of Canada."

"Artifacts that were very priceless and remained largely unknown to the world at large." Graham nodded. "And then, without any warning, Yikui simply vanished from the face of the earth. There were no witnesses, and to this day, it's anyone's guess on Yikui's whereabouts."

Hon exhaled. "It's good to know who we're dealing with, sir."

"Indeed it is." Hung agreed as she turned towards Graham and asked, "Speaking of which, do you really think Yikui would kill the girl?"

Graham exhaled as he turned towards Merton, during which the look on his face darkened, and Chu turned towards Hung.

Without missing a beat, Graham gently placed his hand on Merton's shoulder as he said, "My advice is that you should pay the ransom."

For a while, there was some silence in the office as everyone looked at Merton.

Eventually, the commissioner nodded slowly at Graham before he took another glance out the window, and Graham turned towards Chu and nodded firmly.

Taking the firm look on both Merton and Chu's face as their cue, Hung and Hon immediately took their leaves.

Time: 16:55 Hong Kong Daylight Time (UTC+09:00)

To say that the mood in Superintendent Chin's office was beyond stormy that late afternoon was an understatement, especially considering the fact that Garfield, Lee and Ng charged into his office just as he was getting ready to call it a day.

The superintendent frowned as the trio charged into his office without a door-knock, and his eyes narrowed in annoyance as the trio reported that they have made new discoveries in the case.

"看樣子你們根本沒有聽清楚我今天早上給你們的指令。" (Seems like you lot has trouble comprehending the orders I've given this morning.) Chin growled as he glared at the trio, even though Ng wasn't present during the dress-down he had given Garfield and Lee that morning. "你們係-" (Do you lot-)

Before the superintendent could finish, Garfield abruptly reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the photo he had captured two nights before.

Without missing a beat, Garfield slapped the photo on Chin's desk as he said crossly, "在你開始發飆之前,你能不能先解釋緊張照片,警司?" (Before you start lecturing us, care to explain this photo, Superintendent?)

Chin paused as he looked at the photo Garfield has slapped on his desk, during which Ng said, "緊張照片係在14日晚上拍的。" (This photo was taken on the night of the 14th.)

As the superintendent looked up towards Garfield, Lee added, "你應該認出照片裡的那兩位先生係誰。" (You should recognise the two men in the photo.)

Chin only said nothing as he fixated his glare at Garfield, during which the latter reached into his dress pocket.

"我們還沒有說服你啊?" (Not convinced yet?) Garfield demanded as he pulled out a couple more photos and slammed them on the superintendent's desk.

As the superintendent stared at two more of the incriminating photos of Hon and Hung shaking hands with Gwok, Garfield continued, "我係很想知道到底為什麼專門調查綁架案的調查員係有跟幫派有交流的。" (I would really like to know why on earth are the investigators assigned to the kidnapping case are colluding with the mob?)

"更何況我們知道緊綁架案的幕後兇手係跟那兩位有交流的幫派係死對頭的。" (Not to mention we know that the culprit responsible for the kidnapping is fierce rivals with the gang those two are colluding with.) Lee added. "緊就讓我們感到懷疑恆光瑜在緊一案上面有甚麼會讓他們受益的結果。" (Which makes us suspicious on what sort of benefits is Forever Enlightened looking at in all of this.)

"緊就帶我們來到我們今天下午做出的推測。" (Which then brings us to the conclusions we've drawn up this afternoon.) Garfield said as he maintained his glare on Chin and added, "你如果真的關心你在警務處的未來的話,你的確會想要聽好我們的解釋。" (If you really care about your future in the police force, you will really want to hear what we have to say.)

Chin continued to say nothing as he stared at the trio, and Garfield glanced at Lee and Ng briefly before the latter took out the folder containing the files they've compiled throughout much of the afternoon and placed it onto the superintendent's desk.

"你如果仔細的念這個文件的話,你會發現這係馮安生替恆光瑜幫派做出來的會計。" (If you take a closer look at this file, you will notice that this is the accounting books A. Fong has been doing on behalf of Forever Enlightened.) Garfield began.

As the superintendent look down on the files, Ng stepped in. "雖然馮安生當年在幫內鬥爭時跟隨郭瑜一起創作恆光瑜,但他事實上有替這個幫派做了不少的協議。" (Although Fong joined Gwok in forming Forever Enlightened following the infighting, in actuality, he has helped the mob concluded a number of agreements.)

"其中的一個協議係一個可以說係專門來避免他們跟一大塊發生衝突。" (One of which you could say is specific in preventing conflict between them and One Piece.) Lee added. "事實上,這個協議係一大塊最近綁架被害人的原因。" (In fact, this specific agreement was the very reason One Piece kidnapped the victim recently.)

Chin continued to maintain the glare on his face as Garfield reached over to flip the page.

"簡而言之,一大塊和恆光瑜簽的緊個協議主要係為了減低兩幫之間情勢緊張的情況。" (Long story short, this agreement between One Piece and Forever Enlightened was to de-escalate the tension between the two gangs.) Garfield explained. "緊協議規定它們兩幫之間必須在他們缺的財產上面做交易。" (The agreement stipulates that the two gangs conducts trade with respect to the assets they've lacked.)

"一大塊在生產和走私進口武器上係一個已建立的幫派玩手。" (One Piece is already a well-established player in the gangs with regards to arms productions and smuggling.) Lee nodded. "但恆光瑜在財產和走私其他物品上面有一個很大的優勢。" (While Forever Enlightened had a huge advantage in terms of assets and smuggling other artifacts.)

"問題係,馮安生被美國當局逮捕歸案後,恆光瑜的經營就被打斷。" (Problem is, Forever Enlightened's operations were disrupted following Fong's arrest by the American authorities.) Ng said. "此外,一大塊的生產武器動線在近年的搜捕後也被打斷了。" (Furthermore, One Piece's operations in arms productions were further disrupted by the police raids conducted in the past while.)

"包括他們生產偽造煙火的經營。" (Which includes their production of counterfeit fireworks.) Lee interjected. "有趣的係我們打斷一大塊的偽造煙火生產動線之前,恆光瑜有向他們訂購一系列的貨物。" (Interestingly, before we disrupted One Piece's supply chain for counterfeit fireworks, Forever Enlightened placed an order for the merchandise.)

"他們的協議裡有一個條款規定說如果他們其中一邊無法提供對方訂購的貨物時,供應者必須賠償損失再加上利息。" (Within their agreement, there's a clause that stipulates that should one side fail to deliver on the merchandise for the other side, the supplier needs to compensate the buyer, in addition to pay an interest.) Garfield said.

"這個利息就係一大塊必須利用他們的走私經營得到的利潤來賠恆光瑜的。" (That interest comes in the form of One Piece using the profits from their smuggling operation to compensate Forever Enlightened.) Ng said.

"但緊一切跟綁架案有甚麼關聯?" (But what does all of this have to do with the kidnapping case?) Lee asked.

At Lee's questioning, Garfield flipped the page and slapped his hand on the attached photo while maintaining the glare on his face.

"你應該記得高賽係郭瑜的強制的執行者。" (You should remember that Ko is Gwok's enforcement muscle.) Garfield said. "你也應該記得當年有一個綁架轉抹殺案有牽涉到高賽。" (You should also remember that years ago, Ko was involved in a kidnapping-turned-murder cold case.)

"1961年三月18日,有一位跟Merton案被害人相同年齡的小女孩在放學回家的路上消失。" (The 18th of March, 1961. A young girl roughly the same age as the victim in the Merton case disappeared on her way home after school.) Lee nodded as Ng slammed the cold case file on Chin's desk. "沒多久,她的遺體在她學校附近的一個水溝被尋獲到了。" (Not long after that, her body was located in a ditch near her school.)

"在她遺體上有被性侵過的痕跡的情況下,高賽被命名為案子的嫌疑犯。" (Given that there were signs of sexual assault on her remains, Ko was named as the primary suspect.) Ng nodded as he added, "特別係他人有性一類侵害別人的前科。" (Especially since he has a record of committing assault of sexual nature.)

"高賽的問題也係一大塊分裂的原因之一。" (The problem with Ko was also a factor in One Piece's subsequent division.) Garfield added. "因為儘管警方沒有證據把高賽連到那個案,就連盧振島和其他不支持郭瑜的幫派人員也對高賽的行為感到厭惡。" (Because even though police never found evidence to connect Ko to the case, even Lu and those within One Piece that opposed Kwok were disgusted by Ko's actions.)

Ng nodded. "緊個案也成為恆光瑜和一大塊簽訂的協議的基礎。只要他們兩幫之間的交易不牽扯到高賽的話,不然它們兩幫會繼續鬥打的。" (This case formed the basis of the agreement signed between One Piece and Forever Enlightened. As long as Ko doesn't get involved in the trading between them, otherwise it will mean war between them.)

"另外,說道那個案件,很多的證據,特別係被害人戴上的戒指和項鍊,在案中調查後並沒有被尋獲的。" (And speaking of the case, much of the evidence, especially the ring and necklace worn by the victim, was never recovered following the investigation.) Lee said.

It was then that Ng flipped a page in the cold case file and said, "猜猜看當初調查這個案件的調查員係誰?" (And guess who was the main investigator in the case?)

Chin didn't respond, not that he needed to, because he recognized the file from years ago and he knew that Ng was pointing right at his name on the page.

"你們給我滾出我的辦公室。" (Get the devil out of my office.) The superintendent finally spoke.

"所以你不否認你當年在調查這個案子時有疏忽,係不係?" (So you don't deny that you were negligent in the investigation, right?) Lee demanded.

Chin only maintained the glare on his face as he stared at the trio, but before he could say something, the desk telephone rang.

With an annoyed sigh, the superintendent reached over to answer the telephone. "喂?" (Hello?)

"你好,陳警司。" (Hello, Superintendent Chin.) Ko answered at the other end, much to the superintendent's surprise.

"高賽?!" (Ko?!) Chin exclaimed, and Garfield, Lee and Ng glanced at each other. "你係怎麼找到緊個電話號碼?搞甚麼事?" (How on earth did you find this number? What's going on?)

"你告訴我啊,陳警司。" (You tell me, Chin.) Ko snorted.

"甚麼?" (What?) Chin asked.

"你別跟我眼睛說瞎話。" (Don't play dumb with me.) Ko said. "我們知道你今天早上做了甚麼事。" (We know what you've done earlier this morning.)

"我做了甚麼事?" (Done what?) Chin asked in confusion.

"哼。我想這解釋你係怎麼升職到警司了。" (Well, I suppose that explains how you got made superintendent.) Ko snorted. "總之,我們當時就已經警告你說除非你又要一個奪取你家庭人員一命的車禍的話,你不准去借老案文件的!" (Either way, you were warned to not check out any old case files unless you want another accident to happen to your family.)

"文件?" (F-files?) Chin asked as he turned towards his desk and saw the files on his desk, the ones Ng had checked out earlier that morning. "高賽,到底係發生甚麼事啊?" (Ko, what the devil is going on?)

"你檢查了好幾個老案文件。" (You've checked out a number of old files.) Ko replied. "你如果想要再看到你的女兒的話,你現在就給我把那些該死的文件還回去!" (If you wanna see your daughter again, you put the bl**dy file back right now!)

"我的女兒...?" (My daughter...?) Chin trailed off as realization set in. "高賽,她現在在哪裡?!" (Ko, where is she?!)

"她在一個安全的地方。" (She's somewhere safe.) Ko responded humourlessly. "但如果緊要繼續下去的話係要看你啦。" (But whether or not it stays that way is totally up to you.)

"高賽,等一下-!" (Ko, wait-!) Chin shouted, only for the gangster to hang up at the other end of the line.

Chin stared at the ear piece before he slowly turned towards the trio, who only stared at him.

"警司,發生甚麼事?" (Superintendent, what's going on?) Garfield asked.

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