Chapter 1

The first day of treachery began like any normal day. In my apartment in Seattle. I was living with my mom. Her name was Sarah Smith. She was blind, so normally got up early to do things around the house. We lived near the Space Needle on Dolores Manor Apartments.

The apartment itself wasn't really anything special. It was just your average two-bedroom apartment. The floor was made of tiled wood. We didn't have any carpet. There was only one bathroom in a hallway near the kitchen that separated our rooms.

Although, compared to other apartments, it was fairly decent. The kitchen was huge. It had two sinks where you would be able to fit maybe a month's worth of dishes. The counters were always neat and clean, and the black table in the center was also made of wood.

I always tried to keep my room neat and tidy. I had my TV on my brown dresser. And plugged into it was a Wii, a PlayStation 4, and an Xbox One. I had a few anime posters on the white walls, and my closet was located in the back. My mom never let me in her room, so I don't really know what hers looked like.

Speaking of my mom, she was a truly beautiful woman. She had long, black hair, a perfect, slender body. You would never guess she was in her thirties. Or that she was blind because her dark blue eyes were always full of life. She refused to get a boyfriend though, and she always told off any guy trying to hit on her. She worked as a marriage counselor. But the most mysterious part about her was she didn't need an animal guide or anything. She just somehow knew where she needed to go. She always told me I was all she needed. And that I was more special than I knew. I only wish I realized what she meant by that back then. Today, she was wearing her usual black suit. She said it encouraged professionalism.

She never told anyone about her blindness either. Thanks to her little gift I still can't explain, she always knew what to do and where to go with such precision. I've tried to constantly get her to stop because I didn't want her to get hurt. But she always said, "Don't worry, Jason. I'll always know where to go."

After I was done making breakfast, my mom had a serious look on her face.

"Mom, what's wrong?"

And she replied in a gentle, yet sorrowful voice.

"Nothing, sweetie I was just thinking about something."

"You thinking about my father?"

She paused and stared blankly. I didn't always live with my mom. I lived in an orphanage and she adopted me when I was six. And apparently, my dad and her were good friends. There was a time when I asked her why he gave me up, but she said it was complicated. "Anyway, I better get to work. Your bus is coming shortly anyway."

"Alright, see you later."

She kissed my forehead and said, "You too sweetie." and went out the door.

The bus came five minutes later but when I got on it, there was someone less than welcoming. It was the captain of the football team, Douglas. Douglas always liked picking on me because I wasn't filthy rich like him. He had short blonde hair and his arms were always bulging with muscles. I swear they sometimes look like zits. His eyes were brown and always filled with cynicism. Not to mention his chin and jaw line looked like they could cut glass. And don't even get me started on his abnormally big forehead. I swear, they should've picked Douglas to cast in The Incredible Hulk.

He was wearing a shirt that had Cristiano Ronaldo giving a thumbs up with a blue sky in the background with blue jeans and black Nikes. Douglas always liked to make his own shirts with famous football players on them. It was the only talent he had.

He looked at me with a cocky grin and said, "Well, well look who it is. If it isn't Mr. Smith?"

"Nice to see your attractive face too, Douglas."

"I know you're not giving me lip. Not after what happened last time."

"Oh, you mean how you ganged up on me because you couldn't face me one on one like a man?"

If it's one thing you should know about me, I don't take anything from anyone. Especially if someone insults my mom. Last week, Douglas called my mom a whore who was a prostitute before she was a marriage counselor, which was not true by the way. And that caused him to get a nice right hook in the jaw by yours truly. Unfortunately, his football lackeys ganged up on me and started punching, kicking, even pulling my hair.

"That only happened because you couldn't keep your hands to yourself."

"Well, at least I'm not leeching off my parent's money because their wittle baby boy needs a new toy car."

He glared at me and said, "What was that?"

Then I walked away and sat down in the back of the bus.

"Yeah, you better walk away."

And that is how my day began. Once I got to my school, Crystal River High, I went over to see a good friend of mine and also one who would become one of my worst enemies, Ryan.

Crystal River High was your average high school. That is, if a high school looking like a freaking university is normal. The school was huge and laid out with brick. It looked like a castle.

All the floors were tiled with marble, and on top of that, the campus was widely spread out. Not to mention the hallways were always insanely huge. The only remotely humble things about it were the doors, which were made of common wood. Guess they couldn't afford everything fancy.

Another thing about the school is that everyone in this place was filthy rich. The only reason I was able to get in is because I passed the entrance exam with flying colors, and one of my mom's patients was the guidance counselor of the school. And let's just say they gave her quite a big tip.

Except me, Ryan, and some other exceptions. Unfortunately, we were also the ones who got bullied the most, so it didn't take long for us to become friends.

"Hey Jason, what's up buddy?"

Ryan was a friend back in my freshman year, and we stuck all throughout sophomore year. Ryan had short, black hair, and purple eyes. He didn't really have much of a body though. He was fairly skinny and had long legs and arms. He was pretty much built like a stick.

Sports weren't really his thing. He didn't dress all fancy like any of the other rich kids either. Today, he was just wearing a black polo with blue jeans and purple shoes.

"Nothing much. Only the usual getting picked on by Douglas and his lackeys."

"I see. It sucks you two ride the same bus."

"It sucks we even attend the same school."

"True. Sometimes, I wish there was a way to get revenge though."

"You and me both."

Then, the bell rang. "Well, I gotta get to class."

Ryan replied, "Alright see you later."

My first class was my English class, and also my least favorite and favorite at the same time. Least favorite because I didn't really enjoy the subject that much, but it was also my favorite because it was the class I got to see my crush.

Her name was Julie Mills, and other than my mom, she was the most attractive girl I knew. She had long, brown hair, emerald green eyes, and the smoothest looking skin I've ever seen. Her height was about five three. Not to mention, she had a body that also rivaled my mom's. In my opinion, she was the perfect girl for me. At least, that was what I used to think.

Julie was always passionate about English and she wanted to be a writer. I may not understand reasons for other people's passion, but I always did admire passion like that. She also had the best grade in the class.

Not surprising, considering how much she clearly likes reading. After we were done with the lesson, our teacher Mr. Wilson gave an announcement. All I remember thinking before the announcement was given, I was thinking in my head, "This should be good." Sarcastically of course. But little did I know it would change my life forever.

"Now, as you all know, I have always taken an interest in mythology."

Yeah, no kidding. "Which is why I requested for the school to put together a field trip for other people interested in the subject. It's to the Museum of Monsters, Myths, and Legends in New Jersey. The only downside is you'd have to find the money to get a plane ticket, but it's worth it I assure you."

Mr. Wilson always spoke with a deep, commanding, yet considerate voice. He was never phased by anything. I gave him credit for that, at least. He was a relatively short person, was in his mid-fifties, had a black beard and a brown, trench coat. He called it his "morning coat." He had assertive black eyes. I could see a bit of muscle in him, but not much. There was enough to see he was engaged in some physical activity.

Personally, I thought the trip to be insanely boring, but Julie looked like she was ecstatic about it. So, after consideration, I decided to study up on mythology and go so I could impress Julie.

So, after the rest of my classes were done and over with, I walked over to the bus, which actually took a while to get to cause the lawn was extremely wide. You'd think it was someone's front yard. Then I saw a figure standing by the bus looking straight at me. I walked over to him to get a good look at him. He had long, black hair, sunglasses, and a black trench coat. He was a fairly medium sized person, but there was this aura about him that made me want to shiver.

Once I came over, he said something in a deep, sentimental, yet intimidating and creepy voice. And as soon as I heard it, my eyes widened, and my mouth was gaping.

"Hello grandson."