Roughed up knuckles imagined

Needles in the heart imagined

Bleeding eyes imagined

But the pain so real

The death so fleeting

The death so eternal

Red rivers on the pavement

I float on them unmoving

But the window sill is my home

The jump only in my head

Afraid to live

Afraid to die

Maggots in my stomach

Rotten stinking black gurgling out of my mouth

Bells keep tolling

Time keeps running

But I am forgotten by it

Mute bystander screaming

Let me in, let me live

Let me out, let me die

I blink

There's a different person wearing my shell

Every shadow cast by that sun

Is trapped on the other side of the mirror with me.

Break, break, shatter

Even the infinite pieces are tired

The infinite universes want to end

Strings have broken

And I'm still dancing till my feet bleed

Only to realize I never danced

The soles are torn anyway

I see the bone anyway

Dead eyes drink greedy

But this thirst never sates

How does this skin sack contain

Storms that turn souls to dust?

Hey coward, the reflection smiles

What answer did you find?