You Know What Pisses Me Off?

By J25TheArcKing

J25 the Arc King Productions

Hello and welcome to the series: "You Know What Pisses Me Off?"

A series I'll be making about me talking about stuff that bothers me, annoys me, stuff that I dislike (mostly like date format, online gaming, dust, etc... and etc...) and stuff that pisses me off! Some quick rants and writings that I'll be doing in this series. It's meant to be funny with some humor and its taken a little bit serious.

I was inspired by / from James Rolfe and Cinemassacre: You Know What's Bullshit video series on YouTube.

I'll be uploading an episode on each chapter on a certain topic that I want to talk about how it pisses me off.

There will be some different changes on the writings such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and new sentences added in here on Fictionpress.

Alright then go read and see me get pissed off on certain thingsā€¦