Episode 5

You know what pisses me off…!?

Date format.

There are times that I was looking at the date to keep track on serious things such as my schedules, school, homework, serious papers, serious cards, etc…

At one point something was bugging me and it's really confusing.

It's the date format.

An example would be: 02/04/2006, 01/10/1990, 06/05/2011.
It gets so confusing. Which one is the month? Which one is the day? Is month first or in the middle? Is day first or in the middle?

I'm use to the year (but try not to give me 2 certain small digit numbers or I will be confused. Wait what happens if its 2000 or 2001? How is it going to written again? Ughh I don't remember), but I'm not use to the day and month, because its written in numbers. Sometimes a certain thing such as a serious paper or serious card doesn't mark below which is the month and day on their positions.

In my country its: Year / Month / Day.
But in my laptop its Day / Month / Year.
Holy crap it's confusing...!

The thing is, all countries are all different, when it comes to the date format. Its by the language, countries, serious papers, etc… Well you get my point.

Can we just make it simple by making it the same date so everybody can get use to it such as Month / Day / Year which I'm always use too (I always write it like June 23 2019).
Or we can just write the month's name in letters which will be much easier. I'm just Saiyan...

I need to do research, read carefully, study and memorize this. I better search some more information on date format on Wikipedia and on Google.

Oh no… 07/07/1991.
Ok what the hell!? Their both the same numbers and I don't even know which is the month and day?

Heck no! Not the military time 24-hour clock. I have to count slowly and write it down marking the times: 1:00 is 13:00. 2:00 is 14:00 3:00 is 15:00, ok! Ok! I can't do this anymore!

And that's what pisses me off…!