I want to be able to let things go, to not hold on and be constantly tormented by the things that life makes me do. I know that I have to be strong, I have people who depend on me and for the most part I am strong. I just get tired so quickly and when that happens my mind just gets all jumbled and crowded. It's like a fog gets to my brain and nothing can be seen because it is so thick. At this point I start to think "wow you are really making stuff so much bigger than it is.'' I have taken quizzes and tests to see if I have anything and most of the time the results are that I in fact may have something, but reaching out for help is not particularly necessary. So I feel like I may be wasting someone's time by talking about problems, that may not even be problems.

After a few days, my mood improves and I get back to a sense of balance and to some extent I feel embarrassed about having overreacted about a small issue. This is all an internal cycle, there are a lot of ups and downs. At some point I reach a point where I have enough clarity to breath and keep pushing forward because that is all I can do. I can't let the fog overwhelm my life.