in a doomed world, there is never enough sun, is there?
these thoughts, she has, while trying to closer her eyes,
these thoughts, though precious, it's somehow still cold here.
and looking over to her side, she sees the rays coming
over the horizon, as she always does, and she knows that soon,
soon, this night will be over.

she's not slept at all, too much worry over things
too much out of control, too much, too much,
as if she stood a chance at all, she scoffs at her own thoughts.
heater, though running, not even a chance of reaching her,
when she's becoming a shell of her former self,
and she thinks, well, this is far too cold.

in a doomed world, where does love go if one doesn't try?
all that she knows is that somewhere along the way,
everything broke into pieces in her hands, too bad.
who is the person that was? where have they gone?
but the rational thoughts, they overtake her,
and she realizes, this is better for everyone.