just beyond the path of what you were looking for,

a familiar fork in the road appears,

and you know so little about anything,

so you move, investigate and eventually,

you've been taken elsewhere.

you've woken, and your first thought,

so self-deprecating, "you idiot,

didn't mother always teach you not to nose about?"

and upon finally standing, you've come to find

you're not at home anymore.

something in the air feels different,

there are people, but their gazes distant,

and there's a certain white noise that's present,

almost like a dream,

your eyes open wider than they should,

no avail, you're stuck.

how can it be a dream if you're still so tired?

you fumble around this strange place,

searching for something familiar,

everything feels so distant,

there has to be some way home,

you've come to realize that, in a haze.

a familiar face, you run toward it,

relief plastered all over your features,

and he looks at you, tilting his head,

"who are you?"

you've crumbled inside by now,

until the smile and "just kidding."

you never realized that your dreams

were symbolic of your subconscious,

until he reaches and pulls you close, arm around you,

and he says gently,

"we're not at home, you know."

everything turns to a head.

you know now that you aren't the only one here,

relief, once again, and then,

something inside of you makes you

feel such sorrow and sadness,

because this, this is far too good to be true,

nothing like this could happen to you.

he looks at you as if he knows,

and he asks what's wrong,

as if he doesn't know already,

that this story was already told,

once upon a time,

you thought the two of you would grow old.

the pain of loving, you think,

you don't want to look at him at all,

those brown eyes, the way his hair sits,

you can't even express how very

in love with him you are,

and that's something you've never let go of.

it seems like it's all too sudden,

when he looks you in the eye,

you feel as if you need to get away from him,

these feelings are far too much,

his lips curve into a smile,

and before you know it, he's gone.

your eyes snap open and you look over,

there he is, asleep across the room,

another dream, and it felt so real,

he rustles about a bit, looks in your direction,

and you wonder how one couldn't want to
dream of someone so delicate and beautiful.