Chapter 2 : The Revelations

CBI Headquarters, Mumbai

11 Months Ago

Deputy Superintendent of Police Rohit Angelo Vaz was not feeling too comfortable. A Career Cop with Indias elite Crime Bureau, his record spoke for itself. He prided himself on his western approach to crime and to solve crime using actual logic and persuasion rather than the infamous baseball bat approach that most Indian cops including his own agencies fancied.

He recalled meeting his superior - thirty or so days earlier to examine the complaint made by the National Bank about a possible Seven Thousand Crore (Roughly a Billion Dollars US) fraud. The Culprits included infamous CEO / CFO Duo of Sanjeev Gupta and Mayansh Mittal but his boss was more keen on one Kailash Kumar who had facilitated the entire loan through forged papers and who had been paid a huge sum of money into a Cooperative Bank Account as reward for transfering this sum overseas probably into his bosses's offshore accounts. It was almost as though the CBI wanted Kailash Kumar to be acknowledged as the Kingpin and Mastermind of the entire operation that made zero sense to Rohit.

The entire thing was strange. Why would the Superintendent personally insist on leading the arrest of Kailash Kumar when it was in fact Rohits job? Why would Kailash Kumar, a criminal mastermind - deposit his reward money or dirty money into a Bank Cooperative Society account so that the simplest and most imbecile cop in the country could locate it instead of an offshore deposit which was the norm nowadays or at least a big cash block? Why would the CBI who had searched Kailash's entire Apartment and found nothing - not disclose this information and keep it hidden? It appeared to Rohit that Kailash Kumar was nothing but a patsy who had been lured and deceived by his bosses into signing away his life for their rosy future. Yet, his boss and the top brass at the CBI were not looking beyond Kailash Kumar. They were not looking at Mittal and Gupta, they were not looking at the eight shady permissions granted to Morgan Fens by the then Secretary of Financial Affairs and Secretary of Banking Affairs - Madhur Shingwekar, they were not looking at the fundraising parties conducted by Morgan Fens for charitable causes promoted by movie starlet Akansha Singhania and finally they were not looking at four directors of morgan fens who were clearly nominees of the former Finance Minister of the Country and his younger son.

Kailash Kumar had been locked up for nineteen hours without sleep and with a small earthen pot of foul smelling water and a small plastic pot of water for his bathroom purposes. The man had been overwhelmed but had stuck to his guns as most honest people generally did. Rohits juniors Inspector Khurana and Khosla - the infamous K team as they were known as had proposed - 'roughing up' Kailash into giving a confession but Rohit had adamantly refused. Now barely a day later - he had orders in his hands ordering him to report to investigate an obscure case in Bangalore which was almost 1500 kilometers away. His replacedment Deputy Superintendent Arjun Khot was often called a 'Jhatka Butcher' for his ability to get a confession. It did not matter that more than 90% of his confessions were recante at court.

The CBI usually did not use physical means to intimidate accused persons into confessing. That was the specialist work of the Local State Police. The CBI usually cajoled and used the carrot and stick techniques. Kailash Kumars confession - preferably made on his own before a magistrate would work wonders with the case. In return Kailash Kumar would receive better facilities, a western style toilet, good drinking water, tasty food and perhaps a visit from his wife. Kailashs lawyer was a corporate animal of the name Nitin Rastogi who had never seen the inside of a Judges Court nor a police station. He was clearly ill at ease and had quickly pushed the case of Kailash into the hands of a criminal lawyer who seemed more than eager to cooperate with the CBI.

Rohit had his orders to report to his posting within forty eight hours. He could help Kailash to the best of his abilities only if Kailash cooperated. Otherwise in two days time Kailash would be in the care of the Butcher who could get a confession from anyone of killing the Prime Minister, President and the Pope.

Present Day,

Undisclosed Location, Training Sessions

They were all between seven and ten years of age. Each of them possessed unique gifts that had identified them to the Sect and that had made them the youngest members of the Sect known as the Desirables. They alone had the energy content that would allow them to one day control the flow of energy from and into the Cosmos and from the mortal plane to the astral plane and vice versa. Each of them were born with a different name and that name had been destroyed. Instead they had been rechristened to worship only the Sect. They were trained in languages, religion, culture and mathematics and phycics. Upon being fully grown they could at will become Hindu, Muslim or Christian at will in any capacity.

When they turned Eighteen - they would become designated from Desirables to ArdhaRishis literally meaning Half Rishis. After this they would be attached to a Maharishi to train under him for between seven to twelve years before being regarded as Rajarishis. Rajarishis would begin utilizing the art of Shrata Keertha - transfer of energy from and into the Astral Plane to increase longevity. Eventually their aging would slow down. A Year in physical time would age their body perhaps by Two to Six months and finally they would age so slowly that seven or eight years in physical time would pass before their bodies, their cells aged by a year. They would then attempt to visit the Astral Plane and would slowly gain new abilities which would acknowledge them as Maharishis. Finally Maharishis would be heralded as Brahmarishis. It was rare for a Brahmarishi to be less than Two Hundred years old at the very least. Once - Brahmarishis had to be powerful, men of energy, men of power and men who could move the Sect and the ancient religion forward but today Brahmarishis were chosen more for their ability to gain financing for the Sect, gain more politcal power for the Sect and for their ability to give the Mortal realm new powers that could be controlled by the Sect. People like Cutler had become a Brahmarishi purely because of such abilities.

At the top of the helm stood the Mighty Saptarishis. Saptarishis were the most powerful of Brahmarishis - who were heriditary. They were descendants of the First Seven Mighty Rishis who could control the Cosmos and who could perform the unique feat of destroying and creating energy and proving the first law of thermodynamics redundant. Even the mighty Rudras and the Nirayans could be held at check by the Saptarishis. There was an Eighth Saptarishi - who did not originally belong to the Sect. He was born and regarded as a Mortal Ruler but who had through his own strength and power - shown the Sect that even without their guidance and help - one could reach the final helm. They called him Vasima Mitra or Vishwamitra. Today the Saptarishis were no more. Their descendants had scattered away. They remained a myth to the Sect who like Cutler believed them to be an ancient need with no role in todays mordern world.

Young Desirables would be taught to control all temptations. They would have to control their lust, their hunger, their thirst, their happiness and their sorrow until eventually all such emotions disappeared from their lives. Somehow right from the early days - Greed was not regarded as an emotion, neither was Raw and Nake Ambition, nor was Cruelty.

Datoor had arrived at this undisclosed location to meet Master Vishal Saraswat - a Maharishi who was Ninety Eight years old in physical time but who still had a body age of Forty Four. Master Vishal, like Datoor believed their cause was a balance between the Mortal and Astral Realm and not to expand the power of the Sect. It was why he had been relegated to Teaching for more than thirty five years. He never left the undisclosed location. Datoor liked and admired Master Vishal and the feeling was mutual. Datoor was the youngest Maharishi and to Vishal it was a great achievement.

When Datoor had arrived- Vishal had been teaching his young desirables.

So there it was. The Astral Realm and the Mortal Realm. Both separated by the Gates - the Gates of Maldura. Travelling through the Gates in physical form is impossible for any mortal. Only mortals who have been entirely consumed and converted into energy can enter through the Gates and enter the Astral Realm. In the Astral Realm - the First Law of Thermodynamics can be negated in its entirety. Energy can be destroyed at will and can be created at will.

Many Eons ago - there was only the Astral Realm. There were no mortals. There were no physical planes. Every one was a creature of light. And then from the Astral Realm sprang one of the Creatures who wanted more. Who wanted order and control. A Creature who hated the freedom of the Astral Realm and who longed for a controlled and orderly life. It was this creature who created the Gates of Maldura and who created the mortal realm where forces obeyed a pattern, where energy could not be created nor destroyed but only transformed from one form to another, where the inhabitants had a physical form and could obey their overlords. Do we know the name of this creature of the Light?

The entire group shouted together - "Pazuzu"

Vishal smiled

Indeed. This Creature was called Pazuzu. He used his powers to ensure that the mortal realm remained subservient to him and became his slaves. He could descend himself into any of his creations and enjoy the taste of food, the feel of a woman and many other feelings that the Astral realm was devoid of. He had several names. Followers of the Young Carpenter Hesu (Jesus) call him Satan, Followers of Bah call him a Rakshasha or a Pischasa, Followers of the Desert Camel - call him Shaitan. Only the Sect know he was the first creature of the light who became darkness.

The Mortal Plane was enslaved in this manner for over Eighty Millenia. The Creature of Darkness never went back to the Astral Plane. He managed to bring out many other creatures and formed legions and legions of slaves belonging to the Astral Realm who fed on the Mortal creatures. In this way - Pazuzu maintained a control and power that had never existed before. He was the emperor of his world and he loved it all. Until there was Bah.

The entire group were fixated. They had not heard this part. Bah was the founder of their sect. After the divisions, Bah became known as Braah Ma or Brahma and his followers as Bahuman or Braah Man.

Bah was a mortal created by other mortals through the gift of procreation - something Astral Creatures could never possess. Bah developed powers that enabled him to thwart the first law of thermodynamics on the Mortal Realm. Something not even Pazuzu or any other Astral Creature could do or try. He soon began to master the concept of energy and its entire applicability. He began to understand the structure of the gates of Maldura. He could even visit the Astral Realm. He used his powers to help the Mortal creatures who were slaves of the Creatures of the Darkness. Bah soon began to garner more and more strength. Soon Bah acknowledged another young mortal with the name of Nirayaun. Nirayaun was indestructible. He could use his inner energy to reform himself even if killed or destroyed. He could understand energy conservation. He was fearless and with Bah he could stand and even Vanquish the creatures of the darkness. Finally there was Rudra - the mightly creator of the controlled energy through his third eye which could exterminate even the creatures of the darkness.

It was these three - Bah, Nirayaun and Rudra who together defeated the Creatures of Darkness and sent them back through the gates of Maldura. Who finally defeated Pazuzu and sent him back to his home after almost a hundred millenia. Who removed slavery from the Mortal realm and who renamed the Mortals as Manumas and children who had their energies as Daivas or Devas. Bah had seven sons- lead by the mighty Atri who became the Saptarishis, Nirayauns sons became Kings who divided and ruled the mortals wisely and strongly with designated sons who replaced Nirayaun after Nirayaun passed on and Rudras who isolated themselves in the cold regions of what we call Tibet, only to emerge for destruction and reemergence.

It was a relatively older boy who asked Vishal "Then why do we have so many versions of these stories? So many versions of Nirayuan?"

Vishal Sighed

After several millenia - Bah, Nirayaun and Rudra had left the Mortal Realm and disappeared. Their descendants began to covet power. Some Kings wanted more power, some Rishis more astral energy and slowly their followers began the propaganda. The Ancient religion became known as Hinduism, the ancient tongue disappeared and was replaced with a mortal tongue called Brahmi which became known as Daivanagari or Sanskrit as time went on. Slowly as the mortal realm spread -the farthest kings developed their own tongues called Armaic and Kenter and Heebro or Hebrew. New Kings emerged who broke away from the Sect like Moosa or Moses who founded his own set of rules renaming Bah as Yah who soon became Yahweh or Hesu or Jesus who named Bah as Yohwah or Jehovah and followed his own set of rules and finally others like the Desert Camel - Mohammer or Muhammad who renamed Bah as Aollah or Allah and followed his own set of rules. The Mortal realm was divided and divided again and again by those who wanted power and who had some energy.

Yet the Sect remained . The True Sect who understands that underneath every single caste, every single religion - there exists only one identifiation -Mortals and Desirables. The Desirables like you - will soon become Rishis who understand energy, you will create the Kings to preserve the mortal realms, who will create the men to control the mortals but not to enslave them. It is you who will guard the gates, and prevent creatures of the light like Pazuzu from emerging into the mortal realm. It is a huge task but one you were born to do.

The young boys disappeared, suitably impressed by their lesson. Datoor kept smiling. It had been a good story in his time but Datoor had slowly learnt that the story was incomplete. Master Vishal turned to see Datoor and gave him a slow nod.

"Still in a wheelchair after seven days? I dont understand how you can be so stubborn"- Vishal grunted as he closed the doors and activated the devices which protected any speech made inside the classroom.

Datoor sighed. It was a regular occurence. Maharishis who performed the Shrata Keerta always had a complex when it came to Maharishis like him who stubbornly refused to take energy from the Astral Realm. It often led to weakness and low energy and many times even a coma but Datoor believed in the long run - it would be an advantage.

"You felt the Vibrations didnt you?"- Datoor asked.

"Always the same Rajesh. No pleasantries. Directly to the point"- Vishal said looking at Suma and Kanti who immediately looked at Datoor and received his nod and disappeared.

"Didnt you?" - Datoor repeated.

"So what if i did?"- Vishal replied. "Brahmarishis like Cutler did not feel anything so the Vibrations must have been false"

Datoor controlled his impatience. "I spoke to Solak. He says Baharul has escaped into the Mortal Realm"

There was a horrible silence. Vishal knew Baharul - the ancient creature which could twist any mortal and create havoc in the realm. It had successfully thwarted a young ambitious king called Ravan into nearly wiping out all of mankind before one of the Nirayans - Ramachandra had successfully defeated the creature and banished it out. It had returned back a few millenia later - manipulating a young man called Kauns into committing infanticide and destroying the entire realm before another Nirayan called Kahna had once again thwarted its plans and had sent it back to the astral realm. Baharul had emerged yet again to control and manipulate a young desert king called Ramses until Moosa had destroyed and sent it back to the astral realm. Baharul was a dangerous creature which always longed to see pain and suffering of mankind and loved power and order of the mortal realm.

"I felt the vibrations Rajesh. They were small and minor. I wanted to report it but you know the Sect Board Meetings than Seances or Convenes. Cutler and his gang in India , the others globally - they are more bothered with Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin - the mortals rather than energy breaches of the Gates. I heard you tried to convince our fearless fathers in Tirupati?"

Datoor nodded. "They didnt believe me or chose not to anyway. They believed the gates were intact"

"They dont want to face the truth Rajesh. Do you remember when Baharul manipulated that poor deluded artist boy? The World was almost destroyed then. Just because Baharul hated Moosa for defeating him, he twisted and manipulated this idiot man into liquidating all of Moosas followers - the Jews. Had Baharul not hesitated to teach the astral formula for a controlled release of destructive energy, i shudder to think what would have happened. It was a good decision for Vakhyan or Enrico Feryami or Fermi to teach the Parmanu Sastra before Baharul could make up its mind. That and Baharuls sudden disappearance saved us back then. Back the the Sect was stronger. Men like Vakhyan (Fermi), Faiton (Patton) who could be decisive. Who spent their time - in learning and teaching and protection. Todays Sect is much weaker. They focus on Business, Commerce and Elections. They know if Baharul emerges again - they cannot defeat it. Not without the Nirayauns"

Datoor gently nodded - "ly harul disappeared. It was rumoured because the idiot Hitler developed Syphillis. It is rumoured that Baharul emerged again, this time in Nippon ... i mean Japan where it tried to manipulate the killer Tojo but once the United States used their newfound knowledge of Parmanu Sastra - Baharul vanished. The Creatures of Light told me in the later days that apparently - Baharul was worried. Something or Someone fought and defeated Baharul. Someone not from the Sect"

"Ah! The Missing Nirayan. This is an old theory Rajesh. The Niryans have been extinct ever since Siddhartha left the Sect to become a monk. The Missing Nirayan appears in many theories but nobody has ever seen him" - Vishal walked up to Datoor and began to push his wheelchair. "Lets have some refreshments. If Baharul plans something big - it would be a big mistake not to enjoy life while one still can"


18 Days Ago

Kailash Kumar was finally released on bail - after spending nine months in prison. Bail had been denied twice. It had taken him all his savings and borrowing heavily against his flat before finally ensuring that he could be released and that he was not a threat. He had come to realize by now that he had been a Patsy. Morgan Fens had been battling business losses for several years now. Fancy Accounting, Publicity expenditure and fake advertsing had allowed them to project profitability when in fact they had not had a profitable year since 2007. The Bankers - National Bank- had lent them nearly 21000 Crores or roughly 3 Billion Dollars which was owing to the Bank. The Bankers had fallen prey to the same modus operandi - the fake consultants, the accountants and the glitzy balance sheets. It was only a year ago that the Bankers had become suspicious and had discovered the game played by the top brass at Morgan Fens. Yet the Bankers were more frightened of the CBI and ED than they were of Morgan Fens and had agreed to allow Morgan Zenith financing - to use that money to instead pay off three years interest payments and twenty percent of the outstanding principal owed by Morgan Fens. It was called Evergreening where a Loan could be circulated through different borrowers to always appear current. It was the equivalent of using different credit cards to keep paying the same debt time and time again. However to ensure that the documentation was above board - they needed a Patsy. Kailash Kumar - hungry for promotion seemed appropriate.

When Kailash stumbled out from Arthur Road - he realized he was officially a thief as far as the world was concerned. He was down by almost Seventy Lakh rupees (Roughly a Hundred Thousand Dollars) and he had nothing to show for it. The Twenty Crores in his cooperative Society account or the account which was created without his knowledge was now in the custody of the CBI. His flat was mortgaged with a privatel lender.

The moment he had walked into his flat - he had spotted the Legal Notice. It was Veena wanting a divorce. She had met him exactly twice. She had moved in with a 'friend' who was a girl but Kailash was sure nine months was a long time and Veena could have found someone else.

Nobody picked up his phone. All his friends had evaporated. His own lawyer was calling only to demand a portion of the fee owed to him. It was like a black hole Kailash thought. Every rupee paid to the lawyer was in fact supposedly for bribes and for special payments. The Lawyer always claimed his fees was unpaid. Kailash simply did not have the money to pay the lawyer now. His locker at the Bank was jointly in Veenas name and he was sure she had emptied its contents which included Jewelery and Deeds to a Property in Hyderbad.

It was this that finally prompted Kailash Kumar to take the fateful decision. He decided to follow Sujoy Guha - to end his life. He decided to go out with a bang and had engaged the services of a young girl for the night and had paid her pimp the last cash that he had on him.

Now drunk and ready to say goodbye - Kailash decided to take a long drive to an abandoned portion of the Bombay - Poona Expressway and end all the pain and suffering hoping blood would wash out all dishonor.

It had taken him nearly two hours before he could go on what would be his last ride in his car. He had first written four letters - two to his parents , one to the CBI to be opened in the event of his death and one to Rukmani - Veenas sister. He had called Veena but when a male voice picked up - he had quickly shut his phone down. He had left some payments for the servants and finally some written instructions to the housing society about how his flat was to be disposed off. He spent his last moments writing and sending mails to his former friends in Morgan Fens and Morgan Zenith. Kailash did not want to end his life in his flat. He wanted the desolate marshes with the smaller swamps to say goodbye. He had with him the requisite tools - two bottles with sleeping tablets and a sharp hunting slicing knife he had purchased from Amazon only five days earlier. He would choose his options once he reached the godforsaken place.

All the while as he rode - his mind went to how quickly people could change? How quickly a mans fate would change. Kailash had been duped and for no fault of his own was without love, money or companionship. It meant nothing had been real - nothing at all. He increased his speed contemplating if getting into a car crash would be simpler and less complicated after all. However it also meant - getting a poor Trucker into trouble or another driver and an accident could also involve more lives. No, Kailash decided - he would not take others with him. He kept driving straight and finding the density of traffic thinning as he kept driving ahead. In twenty minutes he would reach the spot of his choice. He could park the car in a shade of trees and go deep into the gorse or thicket to finish the job. Even as he contemplated his final steps, he could not help realizing that somehow in another five years or so - all these thickets and marshes would disappear and be replaced by even more buildings. Perhaps it was good that he was dying today and not five years later. He felt a vague sense of injustice. An innocent man like him would have to die while the real thieves, the real culprits - Gupta, Mittal, the Bankers, the Accountants and the Officials would all get away with it. Five years later - the Lawyer would still be fleecing clients, Veena would be with another man - doing to him what she had always done to Kailash, Mittal and Gupta would be sipping Martinis in some Carribean Retreat and the Bankers and Accountants would be happily at retirement parties. Only he - who was completely innocent would be dead. It rankled deeply.

Kailash reached his spot and turned to his rear view mirror to see that he was more or less alone. He turned off all the lights on the car and chose to spend a few minutes within. He even found himself contemplating if he could see some ghost or spirit or demon whose stories had always circulated on youtube. Perhaps he would become one of them.

He decided to use the knife. The Pills would take time and there was a chance, albeit a small one that he could be rescued. The Knife would do very well. He rose with a purpose, got out of the car, locked the door and walked towards the thick shade of trees on what he assumed was his final walk. He walked slowly and steadily without turning back, holding his knife tightly. He felt a vague sense of unease. A part of him wanted to turn back, to believe that all would be well, that justice would triumph. However this was India - it would take twenty five years for Justice to triumph by which time he would be long gone. He also felt annoyed at making it so easy for Veena. No divorce hearing, no payment to the Divorce Lawyers - just possession of their land, jewels and the miscellaneous cash she had ferreted when she had moved out.

Kailash now reached the thicket of trees and turned back. He could see nothing at all. He was hidden and free to do his deed. With a sigh he rolled back his sleeve and picked up the knife. He took a deep breath and made the movement to use the knife to slice his veins when he heard the voice. It was that of a woman. It was a seductive voice. Kailash...Kailash...You are a Coward

Kailash froze. Was it his imagination? It was likely to be that. He once again began the move to end his life- when he heard the voice - this time laughing - And theyre all alive while you die. You are really a coward arent you?

Kailash turned around. There was noone there. "Who are you?"- Kailash shouted, really frightened now. He had only a few minutes ago thought of ghosts and demons and now he was hearing strange voices. Was he crazy?

Oh relax. If i wanted to harm you, you would be dead by now.

Kailash took a deep breath. Was he mad? He was hearing a womans voice talking to him now.

You are not crazy Kailash. You can hear me but you cannot see me. I can see you and hear your thoughts. I can see your life go before me in a flash. I can see you wanting to end the pain but the pain will not end Kailash...the pain will not end.

Kailash whirled around again - hoping against hope that somehow someone would walk out screaming April Fools Day even though it was October. There was nobody. Kailash closed his eys - "O Dear Lord Hanuman. Please protect me". He heard the giggle and laugh again

You invoke the Chiranjeevi - the Servant of Nirayan. He wont help. I dont mean you any harm. They all know that.

Kailash finally decided to confront his fears. IT was pointless to keep hoping for the voices to go. He had been perfectly sane just ten minutes ago. Perhaps it was really a youtube moment for him. He closed his eyes tightly - "Who are you?"

My Name is Soubharnika. I was raped and killed by my husbands brothers and his friends nine years ago. I have been waiting since for someone to rescue me. Someone to hear and understand me. I have tried to call out hundreds of times to different people who came to this spot. Some came with vile, dirty women to copulate, Some came to relieve themselves but they were all indifferent to my screams and my calls. Except You - Kailash. You could hear me.

"I dont believe you"- Kailash said. "You want to kill me".

He heard a laugh.

You were going to do that to yourself not five minutes ago. Why should i have disturbed you then? You would have died - you would have been unable to travel onwards and you would have joined me in this desolate place. Why would i have ruined a chance at companionship? No Kailash. I dont want you to die...I want you to live. I want to live through you...with you.

Kailash felt a chill in his body. Would she possess him?

No Kailash. I will not possess you. Possession is no fun. I will stay with you, guide you, speak to you and advise you. I will be in your body, sharing your thoughts but you will still be your own person. I can guide you to the future, the past and the present. I can show you things you have only dreamed of. I can show you times that have not yet come. I can make you rich and powerful

Kailash was now sure - this was a demon. He had heard of these creatures. They were usually unmarried women or women who had been raped and left to die who would become demonesses and kill men in revenge. Yet- from his point of view it seemed to be a good thing. He did not want to live - so why not experience a possession. Besides if there was even a half percent chance she could deliver any of the promises she had made him - it would be worth it.

"So why cant you possess me now?"

Kailash. You are naive. Possession happens in the enactments. It does not happen in real life. I can be with you - only if you will it. So tell me - Do you will it? Do you want revenge? Do you want your honor returned? Do you want Veena punished?

Kailash shut his eyes tight. Yes he did. Yes he wanted all those things. He wanted revenge. He wanted the world to know he was no Patsy. "Yes" - He shouted. "Yes - i want you. I want everything you promised"



Present Day (Ten Days after Datoors Ascension into the Astral Realm and meeting Solak)

"5.66 for a rupee for predicting the margin, 2.55 for predicting the centurion and 6,87 for a rupee for predicting the man of the match. A Total of 15.08 Rupees for a single rupee. That makes it Rs. Fifteen Lacs and Eight Thousand"- Goverdhan Bhai exclaimed as he counted out the fresh notes of 2000 denominations. He tried to contain his disappointment and wondered if he could dodge. No - he thought. Bookies relied on their reputations. Besides he had gained heavily on other bets today. Only Kailash Kumar - had won - as he had the previous three times. India had been defeated by New Zealand. Their campaign was over. It was unthinkable. Matt Henry was man of the match - impossible and finally a margin of eighteen runs was chilligly accurate.

As Goverdhan handed out the money to Kailash he thought about the previous bets. Kailash had won almost fifty lakh rupees and his predictions were spot on. it was almost as though he had a special vision.

Goverdhan Bhai was Mansukh Bhais younger brother who handled betting and punting for cricket matches upto a tune of Rupees Fifty Crores. His Client list was long and include prominent actors, politicians, policemen and government officials and businessmen. He had been puzzled at how Kailash Kumar had been able to find his place and even more puzzled at how Kailash Kumar seemed to know his cousins in Rajasthan and his younger sister in Malaysia. It had made Goverdhan relaxed and he had accepted a Lakh rupee bet which had turned badly. Kailash had won Four and a Half Lakhs on that bet. The Bets had increased substantially. Goverdhan was certain Kailash had a gift. Could he actually predict scores?

Goverdhan gently whispered - "Kailash Bhai. It seems you have the golden key. You are becoming Midas here. Your scores, your predictions are becoming more and more accurate. In fact they are spot on. Not off by even a single run or wicket. How would you like to become my partner? All you would have to do is to stop placing bets with me and instead give me the outcome of the match and the details. I would give you a quarter of the share. You could mint between Twenty Lakhs to Fifty Lakhs a week, maybe more"

Kailash smiled. His partnership with Soubharnika was working out fine. Almost a month now - and he had been ahead everywhere. She was amazing. Predicting the winning lottery numbers, predicting outcomes of cricket matches, predicting events well ahead of time. Kailash had nearly Eighty Lacs in Cash well hidden. His life had changed and he felt more confident than ever. This was just an extension of his success. To earn twenty Lacs a week was big. It would be good to work with Goverdhan Bhai instead of placing bets with him again and again until Goverdhan resorted to using thugs to break his arms.

Before he could reply - she spoke. The voice was his but it was her voice. Kailash knew - she was using his voice to speak. He kept silent allowing her to use his voice

I Do not want your money. I will work with you, I will give you the scores and details of the next ten matches if you would help me. All i need is for you to give me the address and location of Tamang. Tamang is one of your clients. It was why i met you and came to you. I want Tamang

Kailash quietly watched as Goverdhan Bhai considered. Tamang - Bhushan Tamang was a Nepali Indian who worked with Security. He boasted of the finest security personnel in India. He often gambled with Goverdhan Bhai. Although Goverdhan Bhai had his policy never to reveal his guests addresses - he also knew that Kailashs information could net him between four and five crores a week. A Single year would make him rich enough to quit Mansukh and live on his interest. Besides - Tamang was not a criminal or gangster. He rarely won any bets losing most of them.

Goverdhan Bhai sighed - "Alright. I will give up Tamang if you would give me the score and details for the next ten matches"