Jayleen Seabrook - the model student - first in class, star track member, cheerleader, treasurer for student council.

Tyler Emerson is yet another model student - second in class, participant of basically all the sports we offer, concertmaster of the advanced orchestra.

Jayleen Seabrook and Tyler Emerson have an inexplicably complicated relationship that no one can figure out, roaming between "i hate you don't talk to me" to "just date already we can feel the tension", especially after they create a bet to see who can become track captain.

Jayleen thought it would be a piece of cake to win, but when their past comes back to haunt them, will they be able to look past their differences and work together to learn the truth about the past, or will it tear them apart indefinitely - and most importantly - who becomes track captain?

Hi! This is my first story, so I'm sorry for all the grammar and spelling mistakes that are bound to happen. School is starting for me in around a month (it's July 22nd here!) so I will not be able to update regularly for a few months, I hope that's fine. I will most likely not continue this story if there are no positive reactions to the story! And now, the story...

"Jayleen Seabrook?" Mrs. Carter, my history teacher called out.

Aliyah, my bestie, nudged me. I groaned. It was the first day of school, and sadly, I'm a junior in Anderson High. Luckily, this is the last period of the day.

"Here!" I called out, not even attempting to look happy.

"Jayden Seabrook?"

I jerked my head up. Jayden was in my history class again?


I turned and glared at Jayden. Like the friendly older-by-9-minutes twin brother he is, he glared back. I skimmed the classroom, looking to see if there were any other people I knew. Sure enough, sitting right next to Jayden, was Tyler Emerson.

"Who is Tyler?" you may ask. Well, let's just say that he's my brother's best friend since, well, basically birth, our next door neighbor, and a pain in the ass. Sadly, it seems like the only person who thinks he's annoying is, well, me.

To be honest, I wasn't born hating Tyler. Actually, we were friends, up until around 9th grade. That sudden growth spurt that all boys get when they reach high school? Well, it also boosted his ego. Sky high. I don't even know where it is now, actually. Any comment I make? He twists it around and makes it a compliment. Conceited much?

Sadly, it seems as if 80% of the female population (including most of the teachers) thinks he's this perfect little student: second in class, participant of literally any sports we do, concertmaster of our advanced orchestra. Me? First in class (in your face, Tyler!), star track member, member of the cheer team, and member of the student council. Not that I care that much, anyways.

The rest of the period passed by in a flurry, with people streaming out of their classrooms from all directions, all ready to go home and relax. Me, on the other hand, headed to the fields with Aliyah in tow.

"Why are we going to go stand in the middle of a field on a beautiful Monday afternoon when we could be at Starbucks or the diner, chilling?" Aliyah mumbled under her breath.

"C'mon, we gotta practice for the captain tryouts," I replied. "Since we're juniors now, we finally get a chance to be the captain of the cheer team! We can go to Starbucks right after, it's not like this is going to take much time. Just half an hour!"

Aliyah grumbled, but picked up her pace.

"The faster this starts, the faster it ends."

Yes, I know this is very short, only around 400 words (411 to be exact!), but hopefully as time goes on I'll have longer chapters! Until next time!