You saw me.

Light in your eyes

As your arms wrapped themselves

around my shoulders.


that turned into

playful grazes

that turned into

hidden kisses

that turned into

months of wondering

what I was doing wrong.

I felt you slipping

so I tried to hold on to this thing

you wouldn't name

long after you knew it expired.

You let me keep drinking

until it made me sick,

hoping I would realize it and let you go.

And when I didn't,

you ripped your lust from my skin;

a promise to seal and mend

with the friendship we'd established

hung in the air around us until the wind blew it away.

My love turned into an open wound -

festering, decomposing.

Pus secreting from the sores

of feelings neglected

past the point of natural healing.

Anger held too long turned septic,

killing me from the inside out.

Maggots consume the dead tissue,

a feast of entirety.

I become detritus,

a dying piece of humanity

nourishing the unseen living

until nothing remains

but the echo of your name

in an empty cavern

where a heart once beat.