The doorbell jingled alerting us to the entrance of a guest. I went to get it, but Janice was faster.

"Hi. Can I help you?" she asks.

I peeked around the corner at the guest. It was a girl. She had black hair pulled back into a ponytail reaching the base of her neck. She wore a black cloak over her outfit. All the black made her blue eyes stand out all the more. They rested above strong cheekbones. The blue color seemed appropriate, as her eyes were hard and cold. She held herself with the baring of a blue blood.

She looked at Janice. "I need a room." Her voice was surprisingly gentle, almost melodious.

"Of course," Janice replied grabbing the guest book. She opened it and asked. "Name please."


Pen poised above the page, Janice looked up. "V...?"

"Just V."

Janice nodded. "Alright V. How long will you be staying."


"You need to pay in advance. It's a hotel. . ."

Janice drifted off as V, in one swift movement, produced a pouch from her cloak and dropped it on the counter. "Payment won't be an issue."

Janice seemed at a loss, so I came to her aide. Striding around the corner I called out, "Janice! Mother is looking for you."

Giving a look of gratitude, she swept from the room.

Though I didn't need to I look at the guest book for Janice's scrawled V. "What can I do for you miss?"

"You can drop the charade."

I looked up from the book. "Pardon?"

She nods to the doorway. "I know you were standing there the whole time."

"Oh." I look back to the book and write down the information. Putting the book away, I grab a key and hand it to her. "Second floor, right hall, fourth door on the left. Do you need any help getting something to your room?"

I notice now that I had leaned over the counter while talking. V leans forward and snags the key.

"No." With that, she straightens turns on her heal and walks back outside.

I hear the greeting nicker of a horse. A few minutes later she walks back in with saddlebags over her shoulder. She ignores me and walks to the stairs.

"Its extra for the stable," I call after her.

She doesn't look back but says, "Put it on my tab."

She reaches the top of the stairs and turns right. Soon I hear a door open and close.

I reach for the pouch and open it. Gold, silver, copper, and iron pieces look back at me.

"Devil-thorned blue bloods!" I curse almost dropping the pouch.

"Jax!" Janice exclaims reentering the room.

I thrust the pouch at her. "Look. Look at this."

Giving me a look, she takes the purse. Gasping, she looks at me. "She just gave this to us?!"

I look towards V's room. "Ya."


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