She drew her sword
To make a stand
As dark drew fast
Across the land

It was time,
The hour nigh.
She squared her shoulders,
Let out a sigh.

Onto the battlefield,
Alone went she,
With a heavy tread.
In the middle, alone sat he.

Her dragon sat high,
Watching her with his keen eye.
He cocked his head,
His smile sly.

Slowly he unfurled his wings,
Preparing to take off and fly,
For he was wise, and he knew,
The girl's cool was just a lie.

She dropped her sword,
Fell to her knees.
Her dragon smiled and took off,
Heading towards the sea.

For along the shore
Was his cave,
Carefully hidden
From prying eyes and waves.

As he flew,
She heard a whisper.
I was gentle,
Like a purr.

"Come with me,"
It seemed to say.
So she stood, reclaiming her sword,
And followed the dragon without delay.