I just wanted to see her smile.

Her eyes stared down to the floor, the young girl looking empty inside.

Like she had lost everything.

I approached her slowly, holding my arms out as if to give her a hug.

She stared at me, her eyes soulless and forlorn.

She looked nervous, and slowly began to approach me, reaching out her arms as well and wrapping them around me.

It felt like agony... a stabbing motion in my back. She let go of me, smiling cruelly as I fell to my knees... blood soaking my shirt on the back. She reached forward, yanking the knife out of me and I just stared at her, so confused.

"Why?" I beckoned and she closed her eyes, tears swelling around them as she said in a painful smile.

"Because, I need more than your kidney."

I looked at her, lost.

"I need your heart."

I stared at her, my consciousness swaying. I bit my lip in pain, before falling forward.

Why did I ever agree to being an organ donor...