Star Wars from the Unknown Regions Episode VII: Shadow of Kana

"From the ashes of old Empires comes the new universe, a new universe dominated by the corrupt Republic. The Akkadian Empire is gone ashes in history forgotten by nearly all but the most knowledgeable in ancient history. Its last great leader Kana was said to have died over 2,000 years ago in the Human Revolution."

In the centuries since the last great Universal War the New Republic has laid in its cradle of power with the false sense that they couldn't ever be touched again that the Empires on the fringes would never regain power and challenge them. They had forgotten about Kana and the horrors he brought upon humanity. The New Republic since then has demilitarized heavily and left the rule to local governments leaving them to defend them selves…

On Akkad disciples of Kana worship in his tomb for nearly 2 millennia each generation has attempted to raise him to revive him so Akkadia may reclaim its place in the universe once more. Now after 2,000 years they have succeeded they all see a purple light as there leader climbs out of tomb with the mask he always wore and stands "I have returned. My body and mind whole once more. What has the Akkadian people become in my absence?" The Disciples bow before him and the head disciple says "Mighty Kana we have fallen into obscurity in your absence the old royal lines are broken and the people for the first time in 100's of millennia's are divided once more." Kana nods and walks out.

Akkad is once more in turmoil its people turning against each other. Kana must now reunite his people and rebuild the once feared Imperial Military. To start he ascends to the role of regent of the Akkad Clan who has had no King for 2,300 years, for they search for the true King of the land to lead them once more. Kana in his efforts finds the true and one heir to the Akkad Clan and the true rulers of the ancient Akkadian Empire. He uses him as a puppet to move around politically and gain power.

Kana's first move was to re-establish the Imperial Army calling for a draft and for the construction of several war factories. He would lead troops personally as a way to achieve more support and power for the years ahead. The Disciples would create the Imperial Cult centered on him and the Imperial Royal Family claiming Kana is the eternal advisor to the Royal Family and the son of the Sun God Kishnu. In his first few years as Advisor and General he would conquer much of Akkad and quickly incorporate the Clans into the new Empire.

Akkad was quickly united under him and the war factories were spreading all over Akkad, its industry booming and the Imperial Fleet began rebuilding. The Universe had forgotten about them but Akkadia had not forgotten them. Kana filled with anger and lust for domination began devising plans to conquer the Republic and once more bring Akkadian Dominance across the Known Universe.

In a meeting with the lords of the Empire Kana sat at the table next to the Emperor and the Lord of the Northern Salk Islands stood up "2 times we have conquered the known universe, 2 times we have been pushed off, we have very little precious tender this time to fight again. We must load our fuel box with everything we have and ensure we don't run out." Kana nodded "Yes very well said, but this time we will conquer the Humans and we will ensure our dominance over the Universe will not fall this time. The New Republic, Galactic Republic, all of them will bow to our rule and we will once more rule supreme!"

250 years later

In the 2 millennia following the New Republic's victories they had incorporated the Jedian Empire and the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order and the Jedian Order merged and were military leaders and keepers of the peace, the Jedi no longer held back by their ancient ways followed the more lenient Jedian ways which allowed for emotion. The Grand Master of the Order Yu-Li accompanied by Master Yon and Master Roberts arrived to talk to the President about a disturbance in the force. Grand Master Yon-Li says "President Reinhart we have felt a disturbance, a great darkness has returned…but we do not know where…" President Reinhart leans forward sighing "The days of the Empire are long gone and Akkadia disappeared beyond the frontier 2 Millennia ago…I will mobilize a section of the Frontier Corp to keep guard for the time being." Master Roberts then spoke "I will take a few battalions of men and investigate old Akkadian worlds for anything."

In the days following on a space station above Kas a Master and Apprentice are escorting a smuggler who was caught smuggling Akkadian artifacts. As they walked to the corridor escorting the soldier the padawan stops and rubs her head "Sana what is wrong?" Sana looks out the window "I sense a great darkness…" Master Sun looks out the window to as a fleet of Akkadian Warships exit hyperspace and fighter flies by hitting the space station "The Akkadian Empire has returned…we must warn the Republic!" a soldier says "Sir none of our ships can out run those fighters" the smuggler then says "Guess who has the fastest ship in the sector?" they manage to make it to the ship and out run the fighters flying through the fleet AA fire all around them as they jump to hyper space. The weeks following the Republic Military scrambles to combat the Akkadians are making a fast advance across the stars taking planet by planet. Now above the planet of Shanxii the 25th Republican Fleet prepares to defend the space above the plane of Shanxii from 2 Akkadian Fleets.

The Battle is long and hard several ships are lost on both sides but the battle turns into a stalemate, however on the ground the Akkadians had launched a land invasion and had taken nearly half the planet before the advanced stalled and both sides dug in, all across the known universe battles like this took place and the great static era began as the 2 nations prepared for a very long conflict.

Kana sat in his throne, with his mask still on he looked down at his disciples "Your job is to lead our holy army and exterminate the Jedian Order…no one must survive…" they stand up "Yes my lord." They walk out. The Order of Kana was founded when force sensitive beings were discovered in the Akkadian Empire, they are a zealous order who will die for Kana if need be.

In the following years the war has become a stalemate with many planets becoming static planets, the only real mobility is in the frontier regions where static warfare is rare. The Akkadian Empire offered peace to the New Republic which surprised them and on Oraido when negotiations were taking place the Akkadians launched an audacious attack on Earth taking it and holding it for ransom gaining 30 galaxies in the negotiations.

The Akkadian Empire had failed to take over the New Republic like in the past and instead now a cold war erupted between the 2 nations the Akkadian Empire and the New Republic entered into an arms race and the peace that was created immediately threatened to unravel. For over 20 years peace remained but soon skirmishes began to pop up as the Treaty of Earth fell apart, now the Akkadians would launch their final strike and once more conquer the New Republic.

On Earth in the Temple of the Order the Grand Master sat with the Council of 32 "We are on the verge of war, we must decide whether we will fight once more on the frontlines or not, the last war hit our Order hard but now a new threat rises the Order of Kana threatens everything we have built." Battle Master Roberts then says "We must get involved it is our duty to fight for the Republic and for Democracy." Then Master Gaisha says "Our duty is to protect and keep the peace not be on the frontlines, we entered the frontlines last time because the threat was so severe that had we not taken charge the Akkadians would have pierced further then what they did." Then Master Jaina Skywalker descendent of the ancient Anakin Skywalker says "This cold war is about to erupt into full scale war and we are here bickering. We must fight or we will die, we made the mistake of forgetting Kana now he threatens to bring the ancient horrors back upon us, the ancient Akkad Imperium must never return again we fight or we die your choice." The council was silent and soon all the council was in agreeance with her on the issue and the Order once more re-entered the military as commanders and generals.

President Reinhart had won another term and was continuing to build up the military for the inevitable war against the Akkadian Empire He had re-opened the dry docks above Oraido a massive planetary ship construction that takes over ¾ of the planet. The Oraido Dry Dock was planned out around 2190 construction started around 2203, and finished in 2776 it took 500 years to fully complete the entire structure.

The Akkadian Empire had a way of quickly making ships to and soon both sides were gearing up for all-out war. On the planet of Alder the planet had fallen into civil war between different houses, however 2 sides formed, those wanting to join the Akkadian Empire and those wanting to remain in the New Republic. Clan Ren and its satellite clans move to claim the throne while House Lanshire moves to take it as well preparing to fight, both sides "secretly" send support to both sides bringing about a long drawn out war, one of the most influential and longest battles in the Civil War was the battle of the 2 Rivers where Ren and Lanshire Armies with Imperial and Republic Backing fought a gruesome battle that lasted over 3 years and saw heavy use of trench warfare. This also tested the tactics of both sides and saw that there commands were equal in experience.

Tensions between the Akkadian Empire and the New Republic finally boiled over and war began as the Akkadian Empire made their attack moving and quickly taking worlds. Over the world of Mygeeto the Imperial Fleet and the NR Fleet would fight some even broadsiding one another at times as a battle on the bridges of Mygeeto took place. The Battle for Mygeeto turned bloody as a Jedian General took command of the army on Mygeeto, Jaina Skywalker took command and led bloody attacks on the Akkadians slowly eating away at their control of the planet, and her attacks were brutal and relied on pure overwhelming man power to overrun the Akkadian positions. All across the front Kananites and Jedian Commanders led there armies against each other and sometimes the commanders fighting each other in savage light saber duels. The war became bloody and a stalemate after a year of fighting.

Captain Alexander walked down a trench looking at the men "Why aren't we moving? The artillery blasted them away." His second in command Sgt Kamara "The General gave orders said we aren't to advance until day break." Alex scoffed "Damn fool…we have the advantage we need to move now…" Kamara nods "I know but orders are orders." They finally move in the morning and take it and make a break through only to hit a second Akkadian Line made when they were waiting for day break.

The Imperial Akkadian Army is an effective and efficient fighting force its leaders picked from the highest scoring in the military academies and purely promotes upon merit and experience. Corruption under Kana is near null in the Imperial Army. Kana while asleep for 2 millennia has seen all of history and saw the fatal mistakes humanity made in the Annexation Wars in the 4300's he has made his plan as precise as possible to annihilate the New Republic and restore Akkadian Dominance once and for all to the universe! No one will ever again threaten the Akkadian Empire and no one will threaten him anymore. While he sits in the shadows his puppet Emperor Rules but his mouth says the words of Kana.

The war had taken a big toll upon the Universe once more a war waged across it that is has not seen since the Genocidal War over 2,000 years ago. The New Republic and its military struggles to hold a stalemate, The Akkadian Empire is more than ready for a long war…

Thus ends the 7th book of the New Trilogy, sorry for the long wait I ran out of ideas and abandoned the series for 2 years now I'm back with more ideas.