Death voice of birds chirping

One night, I couldn't fall asleep, no matter how much I wanted to. So many things kept flashing through my mind that it didn't want to rest and go off to dream world. Then again, being a sophomore in college with finals coming up very soon, I can't say I wasn't stress at the moment. Eventually I fell asleep, and well my nightmares appeared again. Now usually I always try to overcome any nightmare I have, but sometimes I end up giving into it. This is one of those times that I couldn't overcome the nightmare, so when I woke up, I felt scared a bit already. I always glance at the clock when I wake up, which to my dismay at the time, it was only four in the morning. My tendency to wake up earlier than I needed to occurs on a daily basis. I tried to fall back to sleep, but the birds outside were chirping in the dark of the morning. Usually birds chirping don't bother me, since I have birds in my house that chirp a lot. Yet I heard something really weird whenever the birds chirp. I heard a distinct voice of a woman that sounded like she was talking through a static television, and she kept repeating three words, kill, Jake, reskin. Now something like this has never happen in the bleak of the morning, especially when the birds were chirping. All I heard was kill, Jake, reskin for five minutes on repeat until the voice disappeared. The first thought that came to my mind, was that I had no idea who Jake is. I mean I'm pretty sure I never met a Jake before, and well kill and reskin, was totally creepy.

I fell back to sleep eventually, but I was staring at my ceiling for a good amount of time before, repeating kill, Jake, reskin in my mind, to try to figure out more sense of it. After I woke up the second time, it was actually time to get up, since my organic chemistry started in two hours. So pretty much, two hours later, I was sitting in class, and the repeated words kill, Jake, reskin appeared again in my mind. Now it is really one of the worst times to actually start having this is my head, considering I really need to focus on organic chemistry, and not a creepy phrase I most likely heard in a semi-awake dream state. So for the whole class it just kept repeating in my mind, no matter how hard I try to think of anything that else. I started to get worried that maybe it wasn't me thinking it, but someone else lurking in my mind. Tsk, what was I thinking, it was more likely I kept saying it on repeat early in the morning.

So with that thought out of mind, I walked out of class. I was on my way to organic lab, when I heard someone yelled Jake out of nowhere. My body just froze, and I turned around to see a guy, with gray blue eyes and dark hair, run straight at me. Now I should have moved out of the way, but the words kill, Jake, reskin appeared in my mind again, putting me in a daze. So well he practically knocked me over, and I fell on the ground. Now I'm not the type to get mad at people for accidents, even though I ached, I pretty much shrugged it off. The guy I was assumed was Jake, gave me a concerned look and asked if I was okay, and said how sorry he was for knocking me over. All I said was I'm okay, and started to wonder how the hell he didn't see me. I mean I was a girl wearing a bright yellow Pikachu hoodie, so I clearly stand out. (And yes I'm a hardcore Pokémon fan). He helped me up, and I noticed that one of my fingers had a paper cut, which explained the blood pouring down my hand a bit. At the time, I had no idea how that happen, but figured I cut myself right before I left my class. I mean I have a tendency to get paper cuts a lot, and I am a klutz, so I just assumed it was my own klutzy self at the time that caused it.

Jake noticed my paper cut, and immediately thought he did it for some odd reason. I told him I probably did it to myself, and went into the girl's bathroom to clean the cut. It stopped bleeding eventually, but then noticed I had something in my hoodie pocket. I took the object out, and realized it was a small pocket knife, with bits of blood on it. All I thought was where did this come from and how did it get into my hoodie unless…No, no way Jake would put a pocket knife into my pocket I thought at the moment. I checked the time, and realized I needed to go lab. I ran out of the bathroom, and heard someone yell "Hey!", but I just ignored it at the time and went to lab. Now lab went really quickly, considering it was the last day of it and the professor was just checking our lab notebooks.

So pretty much, I was outside in like a minute, walking to the bus stop, when someone yelled "Hey!" again. I turned around to see Jake behind me, and suddenly I saw a flash of red for a second, and then it was gone. All I thought was wait a second; did his eyes just turn red? I shook my head at the outrageous idea at the time, and gave him a small smile. Jake pretty much asked me if I was okay, (which would be the second time he asked me), and why I ran off so fast, which I explained to him. At the time, I also showed him the pocket knife, but his face was expressionless and he didn't react to seeing it. Anyways, we bid each other goodbye, and well the rest of the day was a blur until nighttime.

Now I usually go to bed early, considering I'm always up early in the morning. So every night, I tried to go to sleep right away. And of course like most nights, I didn't fall asleep right away, so I ended up staring into the darkness for a while. After some time pass, I noticed when I closed my eyes, I saw a flash of red appeared in the darkness. I freaked out instantly, and opened up my eyes though whenever I saw it. My heart started to pump faster, and I decided to close my eyes again. This time I kept them close for a longer time, and notice that the flashes were eyes, that were blinking every minute. I opened up my eyes again, and started to hear birds chirping, which was totally weird, since the clock said it was midnight. Birds do not chirp at midnight, I usually just hear the sound of the night and crickets. At first I heard a whisper, but couldn't make out the words to it. After each chirp, the voice got louder, and I finally realized what it was saying, while my face went pale. It was the voice from the night before, and was saying kill, Jake, reskin. It got louder and louder until I had no choice but to cover my eyes from the dreadful voice echoing. While at the same time I closed my eyes, which I forgot that was a bad idea.

So all I saw was red eyes burning more and more into me, when the voice continue to get louder. I wanted to scream, but nothing in my body could move or make a sound from the state of fear I was in. It kept going, until everything suddenly stopped and I was able to open up my eyes to see a figure standing by my bed. The figure had red blazing eyes that were lighting up the room a bit in the darkness. I looked closer at the figure, and realized it was Jake, that I met from school earlier. He was smirking, and said what's up in a creepy voice that wasn't his own, but sounded like the voice from the birds chirping. He had a bloody knife in his hand, and suddenly he grabbed me by the neck. Looking into his blazing red eyes, I noticed blood was dripping from his eyes, and onto my bed, making dark spots on it. Then I noticed some black-purplish mist clouding my vision that started seeping into my skin. I tried to move my arms, but I realized I was paralyzed, and couldn't move any part of my body. Memories started to flash before me, and horrible nightmares started to plague my mind, with kill, Jake, reskin, blaring me at full sound. My lungs started to lose air, and I was back in my room, where Jake was holding up the knife, ready to take my life.

I couldn't do anything at all, but watched when he brought the knife down onto me… I didn't feel any pain, but saw a splash of blood splatter in my vision. Jake (or it) wasn't smirking anymore, and had his (it) mouth open in shock. The red eyes started to die down into his normal eye color, and all I saw was a face etched with pain, and blood on his cheeks. The dark mist seeped out of me, and I could breathe and move again. He let go of my neck, and well he disappeared like a ghost in a front of me, with the blood also disappearing along with him, just instantly. I just stared at the spot he was at, for a long time until I noticed a cut on my arm that was bleeding out a little bit. I just hold my arm, and started to cry in the darkness, until I eventually fell asleep.

I had no idea what happen that night, but the cut was a reminder of it and I got some sort of weird mark of arm of a bird flying, that I noticed in the sunlight morning. I didn't go to school that day, and tried to get some more sleep, if it was possible. I actually did go to sleep, and this time started dreaming, to see Jake in the dream. He apologized for what happen, and it wasn't him that was trying to do it, but he didn't know what it was that was controlling him. So neither of us knew what happen, and I don't think either of us wanted to. Jake's body was apparently found to be pecked to death a few days later, and well he now walks in the dream world warning others of the death voice of birds chirpings, while I stay quiet to myself about the whole thing, until now that is. If you ever hear random bird chirpings in the night, and a distinct voice that I have heard along with it, please be prepare what will be coming and the person's name you heard. Maybe you and the other person can prevent it from happening somehow, but if not, at least you know what to expect, and hopefully make it out of alive.