Trials of a Thief

Written By: RailgunX

Chapter 1

She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she didn't care in anyway. She had never gotten caught by the people that were supposed to be capturing her. She knew that it was just dumb luck, however. She knew that she couldn't run forever. She had no intentions on running away forever. All she had to do was to give this painting to the woman that had hired her and she'll be home-free. She was wearing all blue, which didn't really mask her as blue was a light color, but she knew that her daily appearance made other people not think that she could be a thief at night. Her green eyes worked wonders on people as they seem to get lost in her beautiful eyes, but she didn't know why they did lose themselves in her eyes. She just thought that her eyes were normal.

With the woman, she was thinking about what to do with the girl. "The girl obviously doesn't understand the power that lies in her eyes, which means she is harmless. I don't want to kill an innocent little girl that only steals what her superiors orders her to steal." She spoke to her husband. That, and a missing child will rile up the police, but still the girl is too innocent. The woman thought as she stared at her husband. The man was overweight, but the woman did not care for appearances, she just cared that her husband understood that the girl was not allowed to die.

"If you kill the girl, I will kill you," the red-haired woman threatened and that was when the man froze from fear. She's serious about this, but the girl has magic power. She's dangerous, even if she doesn't understand why her green eyes are special. He thought, but one glare from his otherwise loving wife made him forget about the plan to kill her in general.

When the girl came back to the woman's house, she greeted her at the window. "Hello, darling. I see you have received the painting." The woman says, touching the thief with her gentle, yet manicured hand. The thief felt the motherly love from the woman as she inched towards the hand that was giving her warmth. She is so adorable! Too bad my husband don't care for her. Too bad for him that I don't care. She thought.

"I did receive the painting, Mrs. Jasper," she answered. Mrs. Jasper smiled at how respectful the girl was and a large amount of guilt filled her when she realized that she didn't know the girl's name.

"What's your name, little one?" Mrs. Jasper asked her. The female thief smiled softly and sadly.

"I don't have one," she answered honestly. "I'm just the Thief to the police," she tells Mrs. Jasper. Mrs. Jasper was alarmed at the fact that the little thief didn't have a name. How did she grow up not having a name? She thought, feeling even more bad for the little girl. Well, she wasn't little in age, but she was little in stature.

"Do you want to live with me, Nellie?" Mrs. Jasper had given the girl a name, which shocked the thief.

"But, I'm a thief," she spoke to Mrs. Jasper as she was surprised that the woman wasn't alarmed at the fact that she could steal something from her.

"Nonsense, I am your employer, after all. It about time that I raise you, don't you think?" She asked Nellie. Yes, Mrs. Jasper is the one that sends the girl off on her jobs of thievery.

"I love stealing," Nellie had accepted Nellie as her name as Mrs. Jasper's husband came into the room with a silver pistol. Mrs. Jasper was shocked by the man's actions as he took aim at Nellie.

"That little cretin doesn't belong here!" He shouted as he shot at Nellie. The bullets made her lurched forward and fall into Mrs. Jasper's arms as the woman cried over her murder. True to her word, she glared at her husband.

"You went and-" She was choking on her words due to pure rage as she walked towards the now terrified man.

No one heard the screams of the man named Roscoe Jasper. No one knew of Mrs. Jasper's agony as the thief that she had adopted was murdered the moment after she had gifted the name of Nellie onto her.

No one knew of the bloodshed that had happened that night at the Jasper household.