Chapter 4

Artemis wanted Nellie to react.

She wanted the girl to speak.

Hell, she would even take the girl cursing at her at this point!

"What the shit?" The girl had finally responded to her. Artemis sighed in relief.

"What the shit, indeed. I thought I killed you out of shock, Nellie." Artemis spoke but then Nellie shook her head.

"Okay, yeah, no. You did nearly killed me out of shock because how are you not completely human?" The girl was so very confused and Artemis hated that she had distressed her with her words. Shit, I should have known that she wasn't ready! She was just revived a few moments ago! Artemis sighed at how stupid she was.

"Nellie, honey, like I said, a normal human being would have died by your kick because it would have been too powerful for them to even withstand the attack and the pure wind power." The wind power alone had injured me. The woman thought as she looked over herself. "And besides, you were just revived, so I would have known that having this conversation early was a bad idea." The woman tells Nellie and the girl gave Artemis a look of disbelief.

"You can't be serious right now! Are you telling me that I won't be able to live as a regular human being anymore?" Nellie asked her and that was when Artemis had panicked at the girl's words. Crap! Now I have her thinking that she won't be able to live a normal life anymore. The woman thought as she tried to calm Nellie down.

"Of course, you'll still be able to live a normal life. You're just special, like most of us." Artemis gulped down her fear as she knew that she had to tell Nellie the story about their kind.

"What do you mean 'most of us'?" Nellie asked and Artemis sighed in relief that the girl was still able to function brain-wise as the girl's body was limp in shock. She did want the girl's body to get back to moving, however.

"Nellie, me and you are the same race. We're still humans, but we're just super humans. Super humans are the majority of the population while humans are the minority." Artemis tells Nellie and the girl was so shocked by the news.

"Wait, so you mean people who being punching out buildings are super humans? I thought that was normal!" Nellie tells Artemis and the woman nervously giggled at Nellie's words. Well, it's normal for us. She thought.

"It's normal for us but regular people can't imagine that kind of strength in their bodies." She tells Nellie and the girl ran her hands through her hair.

"Geez, this is complicated but I guess it's simple to say that I have powers that allow me to take damage beyond the human level." Nellie spoke and Artemis became a little concerned at her statement.

"Please don't go looking for trouble." She begged Nellie and that made the girl laugh at her.

"I won't, I promise. I just wanted to see how will I be able to escape the police after stealing things without hurting them." Nellie tells Artemis and the woman then remembered that Nellie does work for her as a thief.

"You do love stealing from the rich, don't you?" She asked Nellie and the girl smiled at her question.

"Well, I enjoy stealing from people who had stolen things first the most but yes, stealing from the rich is a nice time passer." She admitted to the woman. Artemis remembered how Nellie would used to steal from her and at first, she was horrified but the more she watched the way the girl had stolen things, she became interested in seeing why Nellie would steal from her and she would shadow the girl just to find out that the girl stole things from her specifically because the items interested the other orphans and it made her heart warm at the sight. Ever since then, she would let Nellie in secretly and hold conversations with her while the girl picked another item to steal from her.

"I remembered the day I had finally spoke to you." Artemis spoke and Nellie gave her a fond smile.

"I remember to. You scared the shit out of me but I didn't know that you were allowing me to just come into your home." The girl tells Artemis and the woman shrugged at the girl's response.

"If you were a threat to me, then I would have let the police deal with you, but seeing as you weren't, I just let you do your thing." The woman admitted to her.

"Back to the important conversation at hand. There are more people like us?" Nellie asked and Artemis hummed as a response.

"Yeah and then there are the inventors." Artemis tells Nellie.

"The inventors? You mean the people that build things?" She asked. "What part do they play with super humans?" She was curious about the inventors as she had never met one before, but she had heard rumors about their personality, which was described as crazy.

"They're the ones who make sure that the super humans are gadgets that they can use to make sure that their powers don't cause a lot of damage." Artemis tells Nellie and the girl was then amazed at the inventors and she then became excited.

"I want to meet an inventor." She then told Artemis and the woman chuckled at her excitement.

"Luckily for you, every super human is paired up with one." Artemis's word struck a cord within Nellie and the girl then looked up in slight fear and amazement.

"Really? Wow." She was both scared and excited at the reveal. She then realized something. "Wait, why haven't I met them then?" She asked and Artemis had an easy answer for her question.

"You've been in the system as a super human but you've officially just became one." Artemis tells her and Nellie understood that. "Your inventor can feel when you've awakened and so, they will start working on inventions right away just to see if you would like them." She explained even further.

"That makes sense." Nellie responded. "So we're like soulmates in a way?" She asked and she received a nod from Artemis.

"You want to meet your inventor?" She asked and Nellie happily nodded her head and Artemis smiled at her.

"Perfect. Follow me." She spoke to her daughter.

Nellie and Artemis was looking at a large steel building. "What is this place?" Nellie was amazed that a building was even built like that. It had steel everything, even the doors. Artemis smiled at the gaping look Nellie had on her face.

"This is the Inventors Society building. Inventors do everything here, even live here, if they choose to." She revealed to Nellie. Nellie wasn't shocked that anyone would want to stay in the building. She could see why they would want to stay. The two people walked into the building and Nellie was shocked by the atmosphere change.

The outside looked so heavy on the work ethic, the inside was suck a shocker.

There were fluffy chairs everywhere!

"Oh wow." Artemis whistled at the fluffy things. " I thought the inventors were joking but nope, this is really filled with soft things."

"Well, it makes sense. They're always using machinery so maybe having something soft to feel on from time to time is helpful." Nellie spoke. "Woah, I said that without thinking." Nellie was shocked and Artemis smiled fondly at the girl. Already feeling the tug of the inventor's mark. She thought as her hand ghosted over her shoulder as she inwardly frowned. "Mom? What's wrong?" Artemis blinked away tears. When did I start crying? She wondered.

"I'm sorry, Nellie. Just remembering my inventor. She went missing a few years back and I had no choice but to accept that she had died." Artemis revealed to Nellie and the girl frowned at the sadness she was feeling.

"Would it help to talk about her?" Nellie wanted to do anything she could to help her mother and Artemis could see that.

"It would help to talk about her. She was nineteen when we first met. She was like any other inventor, curious and full of wonder. Unlike any other inventor, she could sit still at times. Her name was Alice. She gave herself McKlang as a last name but I didn't know what that girl was thinking when she did that but I respected her wishes. I reacted angrily when other people would laugh at her last name. She was a woman full of life and when she would build things for me, she would always ask for my opinions on them." Artemis didn't know but she was crying soft tears at this point.

"She was amazing." Nellie spoke and Artemis nodded her head in agreement.

"Yeah, she really was. I just wish that I could find her, one last time." Artemis tells Nellie and while the girl couldn't understand her mother's sadness, she knew that it hurts to see her so upset.

"Wouldn't the mark let you know if she's alive or dead?" Nellie questioned as she looked at the mark that was on Artemis's shoulder. It was a small star but she didn't dare touch it, seeing that soulmates can feel whatever their soulmates feel.

"It would but she's been away for so long, only having her close by can make the mark feel alive again." She was sad that she couldn't feel if she was alive or dead. "But, there was this pain that let me know that she was hurt but after a few minutes, it had stopped and I feared the worst." Artemis tells her. I should have been there for her. She thought as she gritted her teeth at the painful memory.

"I'm so sorry." Nellie knew that the only thing she could say but Artemis appreciated her words, all the same as she hugged her.

"Thank you for listening, Nellie. I've needed that." Artemis tells Nellie.

"You're welcome, Mom." The girl responded as she softly smiled at her mother. Nellie then frowned at something and she then yelped in pain. "What the-?
Nellie felt her left shoulder as she groaned. When she had removed her hand, Artemis had seen the symbol of the dove but the dove had a slash over it, making Artemis chuckle. This girl has a wild inventor but dove was the best representation of calmness and I bet that the inventor does not have any source of calmness at all. She thought.

"Normal is overrated! My pronouns have been told to you already!" There a voice sounding very loud and Artemis was not surprise to see Nellie getting angry at the person's frightened voice. The voice was feminine but the person had said that their pronouns are known. Artemis frowned at this as she followed Nellie to the person. The person seemed feminine but then Nellie spoke.

"Leave them alone!" She practically roared. The person that had spoke looked over at Nellie and they ran over to her.

"You have my symbol on your shoulder." The person tells Nellie.

"You have a name, sweetie?" Nellie asked and the person that was behind her blushed at the cute nickname. The person had unkept dark purple hair with gentle purple eyes. They were shorter than Nellie by just a couple of inches and they had grime all over their body and clothes. When the person had remembered the question, they blushed with embarrassed for keeping their soulmate in the dark about their identity.

"My name is Harley. Harley Grey. You can call me whatever you like." Harley tells Nellie and the girl softly smiled at her soulmate.

"I'm doing to call you Harls, if that's okay?" Nellie asked and Harley nodded their head with a small blush on their cheeks at the affectionate nickname.

Artemis was watching the two interact and she smiled at the interaction. Nellie doesn't noticed it yet but she's responding to her instincts to protect the kid. She thought as she approached the two people. "This looks so romantic to any other pair of people to be me, this is very platonic." The woman's voice alerted Nellie to her mother's presence and the girl blushed at the woman's words.

"You can't just say things like that." The girl spoke as her blush remained on her face. Artemis laughed at her daughter's embarrassment.

"Relax, but I'm telling the truth. This is a platonic relationship unless either of you make a move later on." Artemis knew what she was talking about as she had a soulmate once. It could look romantic but in actuality, it's platonic. It could look platonic, but in actuality, it's romantic. As she explained this to the two people, both of them blushed at her words.

"But, I'm nonbinary." Harley tells the woman.

"So?" Nellie quickly responded and both Artemis and Harley looked at her. "What does that matter? It's your identity and your pronouns. You should be respected as a person, Harls." She spoke, causing Artemis to smile at Nellie. Harley was looking at the girl in both shock and growing happiness.

"Like my daughter has said, your pronouns should be respected." Artemis spoke, looking around at the people who had stuck around to hear the exchange and the people were horrified to see Artemis standing there.

"Mrs. Jasper, what are you doing here?" One of them asked and Artemis nearly gagged at the name. I'm not married anymore because I killed him. The woman thought.

"It's Ms. Jasper or Artemis now." She quickly spoke, remembering that she had killed the man.

"Oh, you just finished the job, didn't you?" Harley turned to Artemis and the woman had nearly forgotten that the young child was there when she had picked that job.

"Yes, I did just finish the job, Harley." She spoke with a soft but genuine smile at them.

"Job?" Nellie asked Artemis and the woman turned to Nellie.

"Oh yeah, killing Mr. Jasper was my job." She admitted to the girl and Nellie was shocked at the news.