Chapter 1: Origins

Elaine had just woken up from a couple hours of sleep, and the adrenaline had already started pumping which was getting her more hyped up then she should have been. She got up from her bed, and her mom screamed, " Elaine! Get the F& # up from your bed, and get your stankin' a # to the shower."

She quickly ran towards the bathroom, already used to the screaming of her mother's screechy voice, she took off her clothes, then hopped in the shower. She wasn't fully awake, and stood in the hot shower thinking about her past. Both of her parents were bipolar, but she still loved them with all her heart. Her mom, Jessica Alistair, was the very person who would expect good grades, and top notch reports from her daughter, Elaine, she wanted her to be perfect, and showed her love to her in her own disciplined/ screaming way. Her father on the other hand was a good man with a good heart, he only wants the best out of all his daughters, too bad he dreamed of killing people in the war when he was a tiny kid. Yes, he did join the military, and he enforced good grades as well, he taught Elaine fighting skills, and told her to always be aware, a lesson that comes good in life.

Elaine hopped out of the shower, and got her clothes on. She was ready to go, so her dad took her to school. As she drifted off at school...

Elaine had always been secretly in a way, crazy, and psycho. She like her father dreamed of killing people too, and had always wished death on people who were rude or aggravating towards her. When middle school hit her hatred and anxiety levels were through the roof. She basically already knew her social ranking in the school... Below average.

She didn't really care much for the teachers,for she knew she wouldn't have to see them next year. She already hated school, but at least she had her friends. For her least favorite teacher would actually become her favorite at the very end.

At the end of the school day, every single irritating, dumb, rude, selfish boy was screaming, " WALMART! "

The teachers had already had enough of it, and also enforced no screaming in the halls.

Student Council Elections had taken place, Elaine tried, but failed to get a team ready in time to at least qualify for elections. Middle School Student Council Elections are basically a popularity contest, Elaine had come from a small school, so she didn't really know anyone, and no one really knew her.

I honestly don't think that any middle school kid really thinks about the people they choose as student council, like,"How can these people make a difference?" ,or "What will they do for the betterment of the school?" No, it's always," Oh, he/she is my friend, so I will choose them," or, " I like this person so I will choose them." Note, our school doesn't even have speeches included in the election process, nope, just posters.

Anyways moving on, I had a pretty good idea of who would be Student Council, and I was right on the money. Elaine had a pretty long mental list of people she wanted to kill:

( Note that these are alternatives for the actual names )

Houston, Cayenne, Amahra, Tery, Jula,Owen, and any other popular person ._.

Now before I begin how all these " Wonderful people" have made an impact on my life, have to say,I have a really bad case of a fake audience, basically when you think everyone's judging you when their not, you can thank that to my mom. She always is saying , " Eat less." :/

Houston and Cayenne.. One day in S.S we were given the chance to watch a documentary, and we did. We were given notes to take with it, and the teacher would pause every now and then to clarify what happened. See I like expressing my Filipino culture, and sharing to everyone where I am from. I am also a bit chubby. There was an Egyptian girl in the documentary dancing who was chubby, I guess Houston felt obligated to say to everyone, " Oh look its Elaine." I don't know if felts obligated because he didn't appreciate me expressing my culture, but that comment got to me, and it made it not better for Cayenne to start laughing, and so I cried, and I cried, and no one did a damn thing, and yes I might have been dramatic, but dont worry, I got better at comebacks, and started caring less about what irrelevant pieces of sh#$ say to me.

Jula... One day in S.S we were watching another documentary, and Jula decided to sit by me. She started just pinching me, and hurting my arm, and twisting it. Given the skills that my dad taught me, I defended myself, and started fighting back, she hit me in the nose, and once that period was over I rushed to the bathroom stalls to cry.

Amahra... This girl has something against me, and I honestly don't know what, and I try to figure her out, and I try to observe her, and she always says ," Stop staring at me! " So I stop, but she has something against me, she used to be nice to me. In Chorus we used to sit by eachother, and I stuck my tongue out, and she said, " WTF?" I stopped talking to her after she basically made a spectacle out of me sticking out my tongue. I was informed much later that her mom could've been abusive to her, but that still doesn't give her the right to take out her anger and sadness and pain on those that are of lower social ranking and un-popular.

Tery.. A fat beast who rampages the halls, who plays sports, whos giant, and has a lot of bumps. He made a spectacle out of me when I started cussing, whispers cuss words into my ear, rude, makes fun of a girl he likes, and overall is a big d&*^#. He says," Why do you always strive hard for good grades? Do you have a life even? Why do you wanna know about me?" yeah, rude person 100%, and serves his lord and master, a popular boy who he basically bows down to.

Owen bruce: This guy assumed that I had had sexual intercourse with many people, and that I have quote on quote " So your telling me that you haven't sucked d*&^ before? " He basically assumed that I was some rag that was passed around with boys, and that just pisses me off.

Chapter 2: My revenge

Yes, Murder, I know what your probably thinking by now, over some little things, yes, these people tested my patience, and they passed the rudeness and irritating level, as well as assumptions. So this is how I will take my revenge.

I become fake friends or acquaintances with all of them. Houston:acquaintance, Cayenne: Friend, Amahra: Enemies Tery: Acquaintance, Owen: Enemy

Now my objective is to take out all of the enemies first. I discretely follow Amahra home, even putting the effort of putting a full face of makeup on, a wig, and high heels to look like any other normal pedestrian. I now know where she lives, 2020 19th street, what an idiot, I think to myself.

That night, both of my parents are asleep, and have no idea that I have a warehouse in the town. I head there first, to get supplies, and look different, I sneak to her house, and she is stupid enough to leave the window open, I climb in carefully, I knock her unconscious, and throw her body out the window. I head for my warehouse, and tie her up in ropes, then I wait for her to awaken. I already have her gagged, and she is unable to move, any objects that she could use are gone, and as far away from her as possible, but I still have tools accessible, and take out a knife. I cut one of her major arteries, and watch the thick blood spill out of the cut, and I observe her take her last, and final breath. Multiple screenshots, and burn the body, and the clothes I used to get into her house, that includes, boots, shirt, mask, gloves, and pants.

I wait at least two weeks for my next target, Owen. I did the same outfit I did as the pedestrian walking down the street following Amahra, except this time I have a different target Owen. He so clueless about me, and assumes nothing. He reaches his house, a trailer park on the outskirts of town, how trashy. I patiently wait for my parents to go to sleep, and then I sneak out. I first stop by my warehouse to get dressed in black, and change my boots, I put on gloves and take a washcloth, and a smelly substance, which contains cocaine and alcohol. I reach his house, and lucky enough the window is still unlocked, and I put the washcloth over his mouth, and at the last second before he is knocked out, he opens his eyes, then falls back asleep. I take his body, and shove it out the window, making sure to close it, throwing the cops off my track. I once again go to my warehouse, and use the same method as I did for Amahra, I have him gagged, and once he wakes up, I cut one of his vital arteries. It just fascinated me how one person's life can be gone in a flash, but it seems like eternity for me, watching the blood slowly exit his cut, watching him plead and beg for his life, it soothes me. I burn the body, and any accessory used in the crime, and burn it. I drop off Amahra's ashes to her house, making sure I used gloves in the process, with a full face of makeup, and a different colored wig. I do the same to Owen's house.

Now that my two targets are eliminated, time to got the other targets, whom I know. I decide on Cayenne, I put on my disguise, as I follow her home, I notice her pace increases, as if she knows what I am up to, but I keep calm, and once she reaches her house, I automatically notice that my friend lives by her, a perfect setup, so she will look paranoid. I go to my friends house, and she knows all of my disguises, when we were little we used to play disguise the person, and I still use those same techniques to this day. She lets me in, and once we have chatted I simply tell her that I must leave, and I go home, and wait for nightfall to hit, and my parents to be asleep.

I sneak out and head for the warehouse, put on my night disguise, grab some tools, and a washcloth with the same substance I used on Owen , and make my way towards Cayenne's home. I sneak in through the front door with a lock picking trick I learned from my dad. I easily find her room, for her door is glowing, and says Cayenne. I walk in, careful to make any noise, she's fast asleep, I put the washcloth over her mouth, and watch her sleepless body go more into sleep and dizziness, she wakes up, only to fall unconscious. I shut the door, and then I take her to my warehouse. I tie her up, gag her, and wait for her to awake. Once she does, my fascination begins to take place, and I cut her vital artery, and watch the thick redness of the blood make its way down her body. I watch her take her last breath, with fear, and remorse in her eyes. Dead. I burn the body, and my clothes. I never will regret watching them die slowly, there really is something soothing about it. The next morning, with entirely different disguising techniques that I haven't used before I drop off Cayenne's ashes to her parent's porch, and walk away.

My next target whom I have decided on is Tery, and my bff, Felicia, helps me with his murder, she already knows my crimes, and where Tery lives, and where my warehouse is located. She gets his body, and dresses in some of my extra clothes I gave her. We tie him up, gag him, and wait for him to awake. Both of us do the honors of slicing his thick skin, and slicing a major artery, its even more soothing watching the blood run down his body with a friend. We burn his body, I disguise Felicia, and she drops off his ashes.

The last and final target, Houston. I know I will enjoy this one :). I already located where his house is, for Felicia followed him home before. I wait for my parents to drift off into sleep, and sneak out to my warehouse. I get disguised,and I get a washcloth and the same substance. I go to his house, pick the lock on the back door, and sneak into his room. Before I knock him out, I decide to take pictures, I wanna remember this one. I knock him unconscious, and head to my warehouse, locking his door behind me. Once I am in the warehouse, I tie him up and gag him. I wait for him to wake up, and do my usual routine, except I video tape all of it instead, I take out my knife, cut his artery, and begin to relax as his thick red blood runs down his body, the remorse and fear in his eyes as he takes his last breath. I cut the video tape, and burn the body, and the accessories, and disguise myself. I take his ashes to his house, and walk away. My job is done. I feel free.

Chapter 3. The Fatal Death of The Parents, and The Sisters

Elaine was now in high school, and had been invited for a camping trip during the summer. While I was off on a camping trip, I set up cameras around the house, just in case anything happened to my parents, and my two little sisters. I check the cameras on my 25th day of camp with my friends. I notice bloody blotches in the beds, I rewind the tapes, and it showed a man coming into my house, and stabbing my sisters and parents to death. All I know is, is that I am gonna catch the SOB who did this, but kill his family first, every single family member. Cousins, Aunts, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, grandparents. Everyone.

Chapter 4: Soothing

I had to mentally prepare myself for the cops. They tell me the news, and I start crying, fake crying. I found out that the guy, had been stupid enough to leave footprints, and fingerprints. I knew I was gonna catch him. Once the cops left, I got the footprint, and fingerprint. It traced back to a guy named Prince Knark. I found out who all of his relatives were, and went on a killing spree, I was very relaxed that month. I had been informed that he was going crazy, and had been enrolled at a mental facility. I knew this was my chance. I sneaked into his house, and used the same washcloth, and substance as I did on my past targets. I took him to my warehouse, tied him up and gagged him. I had killed his wife,and relatives. He had no children. I took off my mask, and began to explain who I was, and his eyes got wide, I then proceeded to tell him that I was the murderer who had killed all of his relatives, and then I got my knife, and sliced his major artery, and I filmed it too. To relax me even more. I burned his body, and fed it to gators, then I took the video camera, and buried it with my parents, and sisters.

I still like watching blood drain from my victims. I have even advanced to leaving them as anime girls for the cops to find, and they still have never found me. My disguise techniques have improved, and I still kill bad people, and rude people, and those who cross me and test me. Soothing to me, is blood. :)