I wrote this a couple of years ago for English class. It's not fantastic, considering that I didn't have much experience writing just yet, but I still hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading and I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments.




How Harry Potter Changed My Life

Have you ever loved a book or series with all of your being? Reading Harry Potter changed my life. With every book, I became more invested in the world of Harry Potter. Every triumph and defeat, every loss and gain felt like my own, such as Harry losing his parents but gaining his friends.

When my father read the first and second books to me, it was wonderful. Never had I been so excited by a book. Nervousness, joy, and, fright were all feelings I felt when reading the books. For instance, it was fun and exciting when Harry received his letter to Hogwarts. It was also scary when, in the Chamber of Secrets, he faced Tom Riddle and the Basilisk. My emotions were evoked: fear for Harry's life, happiness at the evolution of Harry's, Ron's, and Hermione's friendship, and so many others. Since then I have read the series at least ten times.

As I continued on in the series, reading them myself now, every book was better and longer. I would not and could not stop reading and I vividly remember, at eight years old, finishing the Goblet of Fire at 11 pm one night. As the deaths of major characters grew more frequent, I had become so encompassed in the series that I felt as if it were my own friend dying. When Dobby died, it was so tragic. I cried so hard on my bed, wishing that he and his selfless heart were still with us. Another death that had a profound effect on me was Sirius. He had been such a good man, perhaps a little rebellious but a good man all the same. He had been the parental figure Harry had never had.

As the series progressed, the books grew darker. When Cedric was brutally murdered, you knew that the series was turning onto a darker path.

When I reached the final book, I was so excited to begin that I read it all in a day. I read through obstacles such as Dobby's death, the destruction of horcruxes, and Ron's betrayal; I read through happy moments like Bill and Fleur's wedding, Ron and Hermione's first kiss, and the epilogue. I don't think I have ever been more passionate about a book or series than I was about the Deathly Hallows and Harry Potter. Never have I been more saddened by the end of a series. Sitting on my bed reading the final book, I still remember my feeling of disbelief over the end of it. I will always re-read the books, re-watch the movies, and re-listen to the audiobooks because Harry Potter will always be a part of my life. Very often I wish that I could erase my memory of Harry Potter, so that I could experience reading it for the first time again.

Without Harry Potter and Hogwarts, I don't know where I would be. They have been such a large factor in my life and will continue to be an even larger factor as I get older. I have read so many books since I finished Harry Potter, but none will ever compare to it. And the same way that Severus Snape said "Always" ti loving Lily Evans, I say, "Always," to loving Harry Potter.