Killian Dufort

Rather expectedly, Nova had deemed Killian sufficiently emotionally stable for her to sleep in her own room again that night, which was fine. Though...Killian would be lying if he said he didn't miss her presence. It reminded him that the right side of his bed was now empty, but sleeping hadn't been as hard as it would've been the night before, so it was...begrudgingly okay.

That said, he still needed distractions during the daytime. Though Nova hadn't expressly told him he had to take another day off—though yesterday she'd suspended the order to get assistance with their announcement interview thing—Killian was taking today off too. In fact, both he and Nova were. Killian had already informed Bertram that the man would be on his own for a little bit, and it was taken care of.

Setting up this day off for the both of them hadn't been as easy in its other aspects. The king had had to jump through a hoop or two, but he had gotten it done. He could've waited, but he hadn't wanted to. Thankfully, he was literally the ruler of the country, and he wasn't the only person jumping through hoops for this.

Killian started the day as any other, getting up early and bringing Claus outside. This time, he was the only one awake just yet, and wasn't disturbed by Amelie and Bernhard again. Not that seeing them was disturbing; but he liked his waking moments without them. He liked being the first one up for a few hours.

However, once that was done, and he played the waiting game a bit, he flagged down Nova before she could try and do any of his work again.

"Well hey," she greeted, a little confused as to why he was getting her attention the way he was. "You look a lot better this morning, King Toddler."

Killian rolled his eyes. "That was almost a compliment," he said, before shaking his head. "Are you busy?"

Nova shook her head as well. "I've only been up for like forty-five minutes," she responded, chuckling slightly. "Why? What do you need?"

He smiled slightly. "Just you. Come on."

"Wait—" Nova followed after Killian as he started to walk again, falling into step beside him. "Where are we going?"

"Well I can't tell you, that'd ruin it."

"Are we leaving the palace?"

"...Alright, I'll tell you that. Yes."

"Then you'll have to tell the driver," she pointed out matter-of-factly.

Killian gave her a smug look. "Duke already knows~."

"Damn it."

He chuckled and put an arm around her as they headed down to the garage, where indeed Duke was already ready and waiting for them. Killian could tell Nova was getting suspicious, though in a good way, about what was going on. He was pretty sure he didn't have to worry about her disliking this, however; he was damn sure that this would be the highlight of Nova's day, her week, if not her life.

Maybe that was a bit ambitious, seeing as she was only twenty-five, but still.

"Not even a little hint?" she pressed as they drove.

Killian laughed. "East."

Nova made a face. "That doesn't tell me anything."

"I know it doesn't," he responded, grinning.

"Ugh." She shoved him slightly and crossed her arms, but he could see the amusement in her eyes, and it made him smile.

Despite insisting that he couldn't tell her, Killian did know that eventually she was going to realize their destination, because...well, it was kind of unavoidable when dealing with public transit. But, the destination wasn't so important as what was there, so it was a sacrifice he was willing to make.

At some point, it became clear that they were at the fringes of the capital city, and Nova looked at Killian again. "Okay seriously. Where are you taking me."

"You'll see," Killian promised, gazing out the window. "Quite soon actually."

Nova returned her gaze out the window as well, and though he couldn't see her face completely, he could tell that she was furrowing her brows in confusion. "...A...train station?" she said slowly.

Killian hummed a confirmation as Duke stopped driving. The king thanked his driver, before exiting the vehicle, and moving around to open Nova's door for her. She stepped out giving him a suspicious look, but he merely smiled.

As they entered the train station it was rather eerie how quiet and empty it was, and Killian could tell that Nova had noticed that. But her unease would be short-lived, he was sure. He led her over to an idle train, merely sitting by the platform. "This is driving me crazy," Nova commented. "What're you—?" She stopped after closer inspection of the train, and took a step towards it.

Decaled on the side was her name.

Nova turned back around to face Killian with furrowed brows. He merely smiled at her and said, "Flowers and necklaces are nice. But I realized that I was only impressing my sister with those. You are a different woman than she is. You like different things." He glanced at the train. "You like trains. It's a lot bigger and a lot more expensive than flowers and necklaces combined. But I know that it's also something that you'd treasure far more than every flower or necklace in the world."

A hand came up to her mouth, and he could see her eyes beginning to water. "Wait, you mean you….You bought me a train?"

Killian stepped towards her with a chuckle, wrapping one arm around her waist and wiping her cheeks with the other hand. "Yes. And this one you can hop off of at the station."

That made her laugh, and she leaned forward to hug him tightly, nuzzling his chest for a moment before kissing his lips. "It's beautiful," she said, her voice thickening with joyful tears. "Thank you."

He kissed her cheek. "Anything for my queen. Now, dry your tears; we're not done yet."

"There's more?!" she cried, following him as he guided her into the train itself, and he laughed. Like the station, the train itself was also empty. Killian and Nova sat wherever they pleased, and after a few moments, the train started to roll. "Where are we going?" Nova asked, brushing at her tears a bit.

"I purposefully picked a train that routes across the whole country," Killian admitted. "But today we're heading up to Wolfsbuhel."

They both knew fully well that Wolfsbuhel was a small town up in the hills, and hearing that made Nova grin. It hadn't escaped Killian that she had a fondness for the rural areas of Weisland. Plus; Wolfsbuhel was a lot more romantic than the capital, Skiudel, would ever be. The two of them were pretty silent as the train chugged along, but it was a nice silence, a comfortable silence, pockmarked with small conversation here and there.

Eventually, Nova's train pulled into Wolfsbuhel station an hour or two later. They got to take in the sights a bit as Killian led Nova around, and he could tell already that he'd made her day. It wasn't even over yet.

As planned, Killian eventually brought Nova to the outskirts of town, where civilization met hills, and told her to wait. She grew suspicious of that, of course, but he had this all thought out. While she couldn't see him, he went very briefly back into town to retrieve something that he'd had reserved just for this occasion.

Because what he was about to give to Nova now was historically a rare find; and though modern day sort of negated that, the connotation remained. As Killian had done twice now with gifts for Nova, he kept this one hidden behind his back as he returned to her. She put her hands on her hips when she saw him coming, and upon his return, she said, "You're hiding something."

"Not for very long," he said admittingly, producing this last gift from behind himself. It was a floral arrangement, of course, look at the country this is in, but as ever the individual flowers were the important parts. The centerpiece of this small but certainly not insignificant bouquet was an edelweiss; a notoriously tough flower to procure, and thus a symbol of true love and dedication. The edelweiss was surrounded by a ring of tulips.

Nova stared at the flowers, then started glancing between them and Killian before taking them from him. "...What's this about?" she said, starting to get seriously suspicious, likely that Killian had some sort of bad news he was trying to butter her up for.

But such was not the case. "I told you that I regretted the way I asked you to marry me," Killian said, taking her left hand and slipping her wedding ring off. "And I thought it would only be fair that you got to experience it were it genuine. So." The king took a slight step back and dropped himself to a knee, smiling softly. It wasn't the same, but it was good enough, and he held her wedding ring up to her. "Will you...stay married to me?"

Nova covered her mouth and started to tear up again, before nodding her head. She removed her hand to reveal a big, if teary, grin on her face, as his sort-of proposal take three make her giggle. "Yeah," she responded, her voice watery. "I will."

Killian stood up again and cradled Nova's again-damp cheek, before kissing her lips softly. "Good. I'm glad."

She sniffed and hugged him tightly, though mindful of her flowers. "Me too."

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