Party on Lewis Street Characters

Name- River Ace

Age- 17


Weight- 100 lbs

Sexuality-Gay Seme/seke/uke- uke

Gender- Male

Hair Color- Dirty Blond

Eye Color- Green

Disorders- anxiety, depression, eating disorder (anorexia).

Likes-cross dressing, reading, drawing

Name: Maxwell Smith

Nickname: Max Age: 16.5

Birthday: October 11th, 2002

Zodiac: Libra

Ethnicity: Italian and Albanian mixed with a little bit of Japanese.

Languages: English, Japanese, Italian, Albanian, Dutch, French, Spanish, German.

Height: 6'3

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

Species: Human

Occupation: Volunteer office worker

Species: Human

Relationships: Single

Skin Color: Neutral

Eye Color: Light Blue mixed with grey and green

Hair Color: Blue with a little bit of pink hair coloring

Hair Style: Medium

Facial Hair: None

Body Type: Muscular & largely built

Scar(s): Has a scar under his right eye

Piercing(s): has a right ear piercing

Normal Mood: Quiet and an introvert whenever he does speak. Can come off as a weak person.

Discipline: A bit disciplined but is also a hard person to get to know with, but he is easier to talk with people he's friendly with (for example: his two best girlfriends, parents' brothers and friends.

Strengths: Has no strength he's the weakest out of his family.

Weaknesses: When people bring up his mistakes.

Fears: Losing his family which are his twin brother, parents, his older brothers, best friends.

Likes: Candies, Music & he also enjoys playing his little baby brother and cousins, animals (sea horses, fishes, dogs, and more), sunsets, sunrises and the night sky filled with stars and the moon.

Dislikes: Spiders and dark places like basements etc.

Soft Spot: People who know how to win him over.

Mental Illnesses: None.

Name: Devin Jaeger


Height: 70 in.

Weight: 150 lbs.

Zodiac: Pisces

Ethnicity: English and French with a bit of Dutch.

Languages: English, French and Dutch.

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

Species: Human

Occupation: Student

Relationship Status: Single

Skin Color: White

Eye Color: Light Green

Hair Color: Brown

Hairstyle: Short and wavy

Body Type: Skinny and fit.

Normal Mood: Indifferent and quiet. Likes to be a loner.

Discipline: Doesn't want to follow the crowd.

Strengths: Art, film and Social Media.

Weaknesses: Acts before thinking sometimes.

Fear: Hurting people he cares about.

Likes: Movies, Art, Music and Photography.

Dislikes: Bullies, haters and high places.

Soft Spot: Anyone who can match his courage.

Bio: Devin is the school punk misfit and moves in between different circles. He often doesn't socialize with others, but a Saturday night party he goes to will change everything.

Name: Greg Nagy




Skin Color: Tanned

Sexuality: Gay

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Bleach Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Occupation: Jock

Nationality: American

Dislikes: Homework, chores, buzz kills.

Likes: Sports, video games, partying and experiencing new things.