"If you wanna call seeing dumb asses twerking on kitchen counters nice," Devin chuckled a bit.

He hoped he wasn't blushing right now. Having Maxwell two inches away from him was almost too much to not get turned on by.

"No luck tonight or did you come for the booze and weed?"

"Well both actually. I just love partying, but I sometimes stay away away from the alcohol and the drugs cause I've to drive home.. but it's alright..." Maxwell said looking at him, feeling the alcohol kicking in.

Slowly getting closer to him, "Y-You know..." Maxwell said blushing heavily from the alcohol.

"You're really fine..." Maxwell said playing with his shirt looking at Devin.

Devin smirked without looking at Maxwell. "Best I've heard this week unless you wanna add dork, nerd, fag and weirdo to the list," he said thinking of the shit he took casually from jocks, prep kids, hoods and snotty know-it-all dip drips.

Still, he wasn't an asshole-"I'm sorry dude..." he smiled slightly. "You-you're not bad looking either."

Maxwell then clutched onto his shirt "Let's find a room to do it..."

Maxwell said blushing, slowly kissing him as he started to grind onto him a little.

Knowing some of the jocks were looking at the two kissing.

Devin's body went rigid at Maxwell's sudden kiss and he didn't object to them going somewhere more quiet.

Matter of fact he fantasized about this ever since the 6th grade. Maxwell then closed the door behind him grinding onto him more and more slowly letting out tiny moans.

Looking at Devin as he started to make out with him, grabbing his crotch smirking.

Devin hissed at the friction between them and returned Maxwell's kiss, fingers fumbling at the belt holding the other boy's pants up.