Do you believe in life on other planets

That somewhere in our infinite universe there are little green men

Or maybe some humanoids with horns and a tail

Whatever you imagine when one says outer space alien

Do you believe they are real

I do

I believe they know we exist

But they don't want to commutate with us

A planet infected with us Homo sapiens

You know the kind of people I mean;

Who use the colour of your skin as a reason to discriminate

And an X and Y chromosome as a reason to step over you

Where people's beliefs become a reason to harm one another

Creatures who care more about stock trades than the very air they breathe

Who build castles for one while nine live in a hut

With that hut still manages to be a luxury for some though

Just not when it comes to that one

With a species like that

What kind of civilization would want to introduce themselves