The gentlest and most lethal venom
Mainline injection
I do not expect to survive this
It has robbed me of sight,
But only for you
It has stolen my hearing,
But only for you
It has ripped away all taste,
Hunger sprouting and budding
I ache to sink my teeth in,
Juice dribbling down my chin
I am burdened with the fruit of my exile,
Thorns clinging and warding,
The curse spreading to everything I touch
I will not find my peace on the mountaintops,
The world I once knew greets me in fear
Bewildered, tossed from crest to trough
The stars sing, faint and distant,
Refusing their guidance
And seeking safe harbor
Loosing anchors, bailing cargo,
Listing and listless
If I would pilot this craft,
I am bound to plumb the depths
The yearning swells into a fever dream,
Crashing and breaking,
Heart pounding in waves of anguish
As I search the horizon for you
A subconscious pull, waxing and waning
Through the spyglass,
I glimpsed you in the sunrise,
But you were not there
You whispered from the lilies,
But I could not catch you
I caught your scent in the cool of the garden,
But was ashamed for you to see me so,
And awoke to desert air,
Arid and scorching in its prophecy
Suffering plagues for not letting you go
I will always follow you
To the Earth's ends,
And to its depths.