Moon Messenger

I open my KLTV weather app, and the weatherman stares at the camera with a blank smile. But his eyes…

They are black and empty – so empty. As he smiles and points to a map showing a cold front moving in I see the ghostly outline of four horsement racing across the map.

"Go look at the moon," he says. "It's beautiful."

I can't help it. I throw open the window and shudder. The moon is a new greenish color, like the sky before a storm. A misasma seems to spread from it toward the Earth. It's like it fills me, teaches me, changes me.

Keeping my eyes on the glorious new death goddess I fumble for my phone and text my boyfriend.

"Go look at the moon. It's beautiful."

I feel my eyes begin to bleed, and I welcome the change that comes over me. The horsemen come, and the moon is their messenger, and the message is so very, painfully beautiful.