An introduction to Stacey Ribotsky

Stacey Ribotsky is a New York based individual who is looking forward to volunteering for some new organizations. She has received education from the University of Hartford and the University of Miami. She is a mother to three children, two girls and a boy.

Volunteer associations

She was associated with the Onyx and Breezy Foundation, Children's Medical Fund of New York, Sunrise Day Camp, and Special Olympics. Stacey Ribotsky helped in training, motivating, and supporting many kids for a few months at the Special Olympics. She was also the co-president of the PTO at the Wheatley School.

Professional experience

She has tried her hands at several ends of the real estate business. Stacey used to own a party planning business and a retail store. She has also worked for soup kitchens.

Hobbies and interests

Stacey Ribotsky is quite passionate about sports and art. She also loves to read and write. She is hoping to publish her first book (a personal memoir) pretty soon.