Lake Effect Love

Marjorie Bieri cut out of work after lunch having a shitty day thanks to her asshole boss and she went home because she was tired of dealing with the bullshit. She rarely abandoned her post but today was just one of those days and she didn't feel guilty about taking some sick time.

Marjorie knew something was afoot as soon as she pulled her car into the driveway of the house. Mark's car was parked out front along with another unfamiliar car behind it.

A frowning Marjorie stepped through the back door into the kitchen where she saw the food cartons from the Chinese place and a half a bottle of wine on the table. She would have suspected one of the kids of cutting school for an illegal party but there would have been a pizza carton there instead of the Chinese containers.

Marjorie's stomach immediately became queasy because her woman's intuition told her what she was going to find upstairs as gut-retching as that was to imagine or think about. She quietly walked up the carpeted stairs with her heart in her mouth, her brains screaming no no no as she proceeded.

When she got to the top of the stairs, Marjorie saw clothes strewn down the hall – she recognized her husband Kenneth's work clothes and she felt range welting up from within noticing they were interspersed with woman's attire – including panties and a bra.

Marjorie felt a cold chill travel the length of her spine as she opened the bedroom door and found her husband frolicking naked on the bed with an equally as naked woman. Frolicking was not the correct word. They were fucking.

"Oh, God, Janet, you're amazing," Kenneth was whimpering.

"I love your cock," Janet was moaning.

Marjorie stood in shocked disbelief watching her husband thrust his cock into another woman who was lying on her back underneath him with her legs sticking straight up in the air. Marjorie could see her opening as clear as day with her husband's penis pumping in and out.

"Jesus," the woman mumbled. "God, you're good."

Marjorie was having an out of body experience – like she had died and was witnessing the scene from beyond with no control over what she taking place. The bed had been stripped of its covers and the pillows were in disarray.

Marjorie didn't remember picking up the remote control from the nearby dresser. She must have blanked from the angry rage that electrified her entire body from the last strand of her hair to the nail on the end of her big toe. She must have thrown the remote pretty hard because it cracked when it bounced off the back of Kenneth's head.

"Ouch!" He whimpered above the smacking sound of the heavy plastic cracking his skull.

He fell off of the woman who screamed when she saw Marjorie standing in the doorway and she tried to grab the discarded sheet to cover herself. Kenneth was lying on his side, dabbing at his hair where the blood was oozing from a cut.

"I can't believe you'd have the gall to do this in our house – in our bedroom – in our bed!"

Marjorie didn't even recognize her own voice. It sounded like something out of horror movie – deep, raspy, scary. "You're fucking another woman in our bed, you unbelievable bastard!" The knots in her stomach felt like it might cause her guts to explode like a popped balloon.

Kenneth covered his genitals with a pillow, still holding his head with his other hand to try to stop the bleeding. The other woman had slithered to the floor, cowering in the corner with a sheet covering her exposure.

"What are you doing home?" Kenneth asked lamely.

"Ending my marriage," Marjorie seethed. "Both of you get the hell out of here!"

"Let's calm down," Kenneth suggested.

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down!" Marjorie screamed. "Just take your fuck toy and get the fuck out of here!"

"Hey!" The woman protested. "You can't call me that."

"What do you want me to call you?" Marjorie growled. "Slut? Whore? Bimbo? Tramp?"

"That's enough, Marj," Kenneth warned. "Her name is Janet."

"I don't want to know her fucking name!" Marjorie yelled. "Just get the fuck out of here, the both of you! Leave! Go!"

"I think I might need stiches," Kenneth complained, pulling his blood stained hand away from his blood-matted hair.

"Now you have two holes in your head," Marjorie said with satisfaction before she left the room and went down the hall to throw up in the kid's bathroom.

Marjorie hid out in the bathroom until she knew Kenneth and his mistress had left. She heard the drawers in the dresser opening and closing so she knew Kenneth had packed some clothes to take with him and Marjorie didn't come out of the bathroom for another hour, lying on the tiled floor in a fetal position trying to come to terms with what had just happened after twenty years of marriage.

The kids didn't suspect anything when they came home from school because Marjorie didn't give them a reason to think anything was wrong. She changed the sheets, blankets and bedspread on her bed and she didn't mention that their father had moved out until the next morning when the two teens finally noticed their Dad hadn't come home the night before.

The kids didn't ask many questions which led Marjorie to believe that perhaps they were aware of something being amiss long before Marjorie discovered the horrible truth.

Marjorie had a tough time coping with the grief and sense of loss she felt when her beloved father passed away a few years earlier and she realized in the weeks and months following Kenneth's departure that she was reacting with the same symptoms all over again, although for completely different reasons.

Marjorie wasn't sleeping and she felt unmoored from reality. She was borderline unhinged in her emotions, always at the ready to lash out angrily or burst into tears. She had to tread lightly at work (Food Warehouse) or risk getting fired by her prick of a boss Dave Murley, a pompous, sexist, chauvinist jerk who loved to push her buttons.

Marjorie kept telling herself that everything would be okay in time. As was her obsession when she was going through emotional turmoil, the house was spotless because her endless cleaning kept her mind off the shambles of her marriage and the misery of her life. She faked her moods as best she could for the sake of the kids and only dumped her true feelings on her long-time friend Vanessa who she could never bullshit anyway.

Vanessa had suffered through her own bad marriage and subsequent divorce a few years earlier and she proved to be an expert advisor, counselor and supporter for her friend who was now suffering through the same inequity.

Marjorie knew there was no point trying to lie her way through her own denial or rationalization and she was more apt to own her shame and depression in her soul cleansing crying sessions and ranting and raving with her friend.

"I honestly didn't think this would happen to me," Marjorie told Vanessa during one of her pity parties at Duffy's Tavern one night.

"Who does?" Vanessa replied.

Marjorie limped her way to the end of the school year without ending up in the Blue County Medical Center psych ward and when the kids left for their summer jobs as camp counselors in Vermont, Marj took up Vanessa's offer to spend a week or two with Vanessa at her house at Sun Rise Lake.

Vanessa inherited the (year round) cottage from her grandparents and she moved there full time after her marriage ended, commuting to her job at the Greenville Savings Bank. The cottage was cozy and cute, refurbished with modern conveniences while maintaining its old fashioned mystic appearance.

Marjorie had visited the cottage plenty of times on day trips but this was the first time she was going to spend some overnights lakeside and she welcomed the chance to show up with a couple pieces of luggage.

Vanessa took a few days off to spend with Marjorie on the small beach in front of the cottage, soaking up the rays, drinking wine, and getting Marj to forget about her ongoing woes - filing divorce papers on her cheating husband, working a job she hated, and trying to figure out how she was going to keep the kids in a house she could no longer afford without Kenneth's financial assistance.

The lake was a needed escape and an interesting distraction and Marjorie was grateful for the opportunity for some sun and fun. It was also a chance for Marjorie to do some honest soul searching and life review - trying to figure out if she was at least partly responsible for her husband deciding to cheat on her. Maybe she had failed as a wife and lover.

"Don't be ridiculous," Vanessa insisted when Marjorie voiced her guilty remorse. "What kind of creep disrespects his wife like that? Bringing another woman into his wife's house? Disgusting."

"I'll be right back," Marjorie sighed as she stood from the lounge chair by the shore.

"Where you going?" Vanessa frowned.

"Potty," Marjorie said.

"You can pee in the lake!" Vanessa laughed.

Marjorie rolled her eyes and went inside to use the bathroom and wipe away a few loose tears in her eyes still at a loss as to why Kenneth had done what he had done to their family.

Turns out Janet was the ex-wife of one of Ken's employees at his Window World business in Greenville. He wasn't clear on how long the affair had been going on and Marjorie didn't really need to know. The only thing that mattered was that he had moved in with the other woman and he said he had no interest in trying to salvage their marriage, not even arguing when Marjorie said she was filing for divorce (she had hoped he might try to talk her out of it).

Standing in the small cottage bathroom staring at herself in the medicine cabinet mirror, Marjorie let out a sigh as she ran her hand through her hair, pulling out a few of the gray strands while wondering if her romantic life was over.

She had taken the sucky job at Food Warehouse to help with the finances. Kenneth had invested heavily in the business and that put a strain on the family budget. It was tough balancing the two jobs and the kids (especially with Ken working long hours, including weekends) but Marjorie wanted to be a good wife and mother.

She and Kenneth argued about money strains and the lack of quality time and their sex life began to suffer but Marjorie figured some of that had to do with their age and the accustomed routine of marriage.

Marjorie sucked in her breath and returned to Vanessa lakeside.

"Everything okay?" Vanessa asked.

"Yeah," Marjorie lied, not wanting to ruin their girls' time together.

"Nice try," Vanessa said sarcastically as Marjorie collapsed into her lounge chair.

"My marriage is over, isn't it?" Marjorie asked weakly.

Vanessa saw the tears re-forming in Marjorie's eyes but she didn't bother answering the question and Marjorie appreciated the fact that her friend wasn't about to judge her.

Marjorie dried her tears. "I'm sorry," she said guiltily. "I don't mean to ruin our good time."

"It's okay," Vanessa smiled. "This is a therapeutic escape and it's good to get it out here. Don't keep it in on my account."

Marjorie nodded. "Okay."

"More wine?" Vanessa grinned.

Marjorie smiled and held her glass out for a refill.