The sound of a ring blasted through his ears. A long hand emerged from the polyester blanket and slapped the top of the alarm clock.

The obnoxious chime still bounced around his eardrums like a pinball, causing him to groan in dismay.

The grumpy teenager dragged himself into a slumping sitting position, kicking away the blankets and scratching the back of his head in the process.

For some reason, he really didn't want to go to school today.

The idea of skipping appeared in his head, but he knew his father wasn't going to be too happy with him. But the fact was that it wouldn't be his first time skipping.

He actually did it quite a lot, but the aftermath of his father finding out made him hesitate.

It wasn't that his dad got mad, no. It was the way he just... didn't care.

Well, he did care. But at the end of the day his father was so exhausted, so mentally and physically torn down after hauling crates of crab and fish from the port that he didn't even punish Adam.

It made Adam angry. He could cuss at his dad as many times as he wanted, and the only thing his father would do was give him this solemn, tired look that held sadness underneath those baggy eyes.

"Fucking..." Adam muttered a few other incoherent words under his breath as he slouched upwards, making his way to the empty kitchen, and stubbornly prepared for school.

All Adam had to eat was some cereal; a generic, unhealthy brand and day-old coffee from the night before.

It wasn't the greatest breakfast, and as he walked to the bus stop he could feel his stomach growling around, unsatisfied by the poor choice of food he decided to consume. But he really couldn't care less.

With one hand in his pocket, and another scrolling through his phone, he contemplated on what he should listen to.

Of course it didn't really matter in the end, since the bus came and all he could do was decide on a random song and shove a single ear bud into his lobe.

He easily skipped half the steps of the metal stairs, snatched his bus pass out of his jacket pocket and swiped the front.

The bus driver gave him a blank stare as he walked past before Adam found a seat in the middle.

He took the window seat, and placed his backpack on the empty one beside him.

His bus stop was of the very first stops the bus took, but he knew it was going to get crowded very quickly.

It was why he put his backpack in the way, as rude as it was, simply because he didn't want some random kid having to sit and squish him up against the glass.