Adam watched Mahlik's every breath, noticing he didn't flinch nor cringe with the first inhale.

It implied that it wasn't his first, and, if anything, he took grand pleasure from the calming properties it granted after a collision that left stings and bruises over their bodies.

For a small time frame, there was absolute peace between the two.

No halted gasps, no clenched fists, not even Adam's consistent foot tapping or mumbles.

He inhaled the last nub of his joint, huffing out a cloud of smoke as well as a dull chuckle at Mahlik's remark.

For once there was no tension or the raise of a growl in his tone. "Yeah.. I did."

A flash of a younger him gleamed in his mind; he was crying on the pavement while a woman comforted him.

At the thought of this, Adam coughed, not from the smoke but as a way to shake that memory away.

He quickly regained hid composure as he uttered, "But you did alright for your first time."

Adam threw the remains of his smoke away, a bit of it still flickering a tiny spark in its dust.

He stood up, stepping on it with a slam before turning back to Mahlik.

He hadn't expected Mahlik to invite him to his house the very day he met him.

But the longer he thought about it, the more he realized it was to be expected.

After all, Adam already showed countless times how aggressive he was, and yet this kid stuck around.

There was no chance Adam could yank this dog from his leg, no matter how hard he kicked it.

Grabbing his backpack and both of his skateboards, he walked towards Mahlik, standing in front of him and staring at him with a stern expression, before flopping his head somewhat towards the ground.

"Hell.. why not. Lead the way."

As they began making their way, side by side, Adam shoved the skateboard Mahlik was using into the side of his arm until he grabbed it.

"Here. I don't want to carry two fucking skateboards. So keep it."

As before, Adam didn't give Mahlik the time to answer as he rather forcefully gifted it to him.

For a second their hands touched, both of their sweat mixing upon their fingertips.

Then with his free hand, he rested it in his jean pocket, still experiencing the phantom feel of Mahlik's wet hand grazing his.

"Thanks..." Mahlik said unable to think of any other words to add after that.

The swift far-reaching effect of Adam's touch caused his veins to shiver.

I just wanna hold his hand- the fuck? No, get that outta your head man. He's gotta be as straight as they come Mahlik thought as his head subtly ached. In about six minutes they arrived at his house. The AC a heaven-sent relief to their overly sweat weary bodies. Setting his board inside the nearest closet, he motioned at one of the main Living Room couches.

"Chill out a bit. You wanna drink?" he asked slowly moving towards the kitchen.

While he never really had any friends over, not even a girl, Mahlik was raised by his Mom not to be a gross Hood, and he wanted Adam to see that.

His body cajoling him for a shower.

The walk there was pleasant, and not far enough that it was tedious.

At times Adam would turn to look at Mahlik, but without starting conversation.

There was a feeling of shame seeing Mahlik's battered body, noticing some cuts and areas where bruises were bound to form.

Giving him his spare skateboard was a sign that Adam was trying to make up for their rather tense collision.

Plus, he hoped that it hadn't shaken Mahlik up that much, so that they come back and skate together again.

He imagined himself teaching Mahlik a few tricks, and the thought of them spending time with each other once again made him consciously smile.

Then, the memory of them crashing into each other, their bodies touching, and the world around them stopping in motion popped into his head.

He felt heat well up in his face, and hoped Mahlik hadn't noticed as he quickly tried to shake the thought out.

Whatever he felt, he wanted to do all he could to ignore the foreign feeling.

Upon entering the house, Adam awkwardly stood near the doorway as piercing eyes trailed around the house.

In general, the home was average, he could tell they weren't too rich, but like everyone else they got by.

Adam had zoned out for a minute, the cool feeling of Mahlik's AC sending him into a content daze, before breaking with his voice.

He looked at Mahlik with a serious expression, before abruptly walking over to the couch and taking a seat.

He leaned his skateboard on the side of the couch, along with taking off his backpack and placing it to one side.

"Oh," he mumbled, realizing he'd forgotten to take off his shoes.

He had a feeling Mahlik didn't care all that much, but if his parents were home, then they'd probably wouldn't be all too happy.

Adam quickly pulled his sneakers off, somewhat throwing them over to the entrance, resulting in a few loud drops.

"Oh, uh.. sure, man," Adam yelled back as he turned towards the kitchen.

He resumed inspecting the rest of the house, all while his foot began tapping consistently on the carpet floor.

Adam wondered if Mahlik's parents were even home, and if he had any siblings.

"Uh.. are any of your family home?" Adam yelled towards the kitchen, hoping that it was just the two of them.

He wasn't quite keen on meeting any of his family members anytime soon, since he had a feeling they wouldn't like his demeanor all that much.

The question took Mahlik somewhat by surprise as he reentered the living room with two cans of Sprite.

"My Mom gets off late sometimes but mostly cause it takes her a while to pick up my sibs from school.

But it's cool, just be real and she'll take a shine to ya" Mahlik reassured Adam as he sat in a chair facing the front door.

Sipping from his can, he eyed his sweaty quest. His dark hair almost glistening in the sunlight flooding through the window shades.

To liven the mood, Mahlik clicked on the TV.

"Anything you wanna watch man?" he asked as the stickiness of his dirty clothes became more apparent.

He could use a shower but didn't know if Adam would mind or even want to- Biting his tongue, Mahlik took another sip though his groin twitched again almost mockingly.

Fuck I'm goin' nuts he sighed as he untied his shoes to allow his feet to air out.