There Will Always Be Someone

I was born into a society where appearance meant the world.

The angry waves smashed against the stone wall like a rampant bull; the roaring of it steady and deafening. My drenched clothes clung to my body in a last desperate attempt to hold me back, to stop me from ending it all.

I grew up in a family that ostracized me. They hated looking at me and always twisted away in disgust. I never understood this exclusion as a child, but when I grew up, it was as transparent as glass.

The seawater sprayed my face, but I made no move to wipe it. The inside of my mouth tasted salty, and I realized this was the first thing I'd tasted in days.

And the last.

I'm alone now. No-one wants to be associated with a freak. If I died, they wouldn't care.

They wouldn't even notice.

I am nobody.

So who am I alive for?

A trickle of metal met my taste buds. My teeth had broken skin from my lips. I closed my eyes. I didn't pray.

And dropped.

The icy water cut into my skin like a million sharp needles. The waves thrashed me around in anger. I held my breath on instinct, but my lungs burned. I opened my mouth to breathe when a wave crashed over me and filled my lungs with hot lava.

I started panicking.

I didn't want to die anymore!

A body of water hit me again and I spun deeper and deeper into the abyss.

My eyes were heavy with death and I knew they were never going to open again.


A soft, gentle breeze caressed my forehead, and I cracked one eye open to the sun greeting the moon before its departure.

I sat up in a daze, the sand I was sitting on was pure white and sparkled like crystals under the sun. I looked out over the ocean and my breath hitched. The water looked like pure, melted gold.

I sniffed the air, it smelled like mint.

Where was I?

I stood up and marveled at the sun-coloured towers looming above me. Intricate architecture carved into frames and plaques.

"I see you made it."

A woman appeared on my right, I turned and lost the ability to form coherent sentences. What I was seeing couldn't be true. It was impossible.

Her neon green hair flowed down her back like a river, the skin at the sides of her head grew outward like a normal ear, but unlike a human, it instead ended in millions of short spikes. Her mouth was normal, but her nose looked like a button cube.

What was most amazing were her eyes, they were the size of saucers with deviating shades of purple. It looked like someone had taken a giant grape, cut it in half, and shoved it into her empty sockets with the insides facing out.

"Welcome home, we've been waiting for you."

What was even more amazing?

She looked exactly like me.