By Alexander Stortz

Let me hold you close,

Let me hear your heart beat slowly,

If you're hurting Let me know,

You can always depend on me.

We can be broken together,

Feeling like a thousand nails keep,

Putting on the pressure,

This ship is sailing waters deep.

I still haven't found you in the world

Don't care what you are, whether boy or girl,

I just want to be held tonight,

Please just let me know everything's alright.

No one thinks about someone's there, till they're nowhere.

I just want to be somewhere,

I just want to be with you.

Sending signals in an empty place,

Feeling like alone is no escape,

It hasn't worked out before,

Don't know if I can lose one more.

I can hear you cry in my dreams,

Can you hear me cry in your sleep?

I don't think I can be alone,

In a big house, but far from home.

Let me be the one to face your tears,

Let me be the one you hold so dear,

I just want to feel like this again,

Never want to have it be the end.