Edelweiss, The Warrior Druid

Prologue: The War of the Catalyst

When ages cast the light of time, power had released from the spark of the universe. Through the milky light, a root had grown from the shimmers of conception. This became the first seed. Through this seed awoke a world of wonder and magics, but also the struggle of power. Man rose from the dew of power, arisen into foes for those who would lock the nectar of the trees away. From the shimmering winds, the Elves came into being. Elementalists and healers, their forms were fleeting to the human eye. The Dwarves were rooted below where the seed had sprout and continued to work the soils below. Finally, a special race came into power. When the tree grew tall, illuminating the world below, new seeds fell before the land. From them came the protectors of the tree. They were known as Druids.

Many lived in peace, striking balance with power and the four races. However, there were some who followed a righteous path, and became Warrior Druids. Their swords hailed from the bark of the tree and shine their light upon the darker corners of the world. Many hailed to their call to protect the Kindred Tree, but where men had answered, some refused and became agents in a darker world.

War broke out among the races at the foot of the great Kindred Tree. The desire for power was too great, and their lust drove the armies into a clash of metal and iron. With death and chaos all around, the seas of crimson blood saturated the tree, and soon it fell to the corruption of the world. The tree blazed in glorious light, burning all to ash and soot. The Kindred Tree itself was sacrificed in the aftermath of the battle. Many had forgotten the tree's former light of long ago, seeing the sun as their only refuge. Many, except one.

There on that fateful field of ash and soot came a glimmer of light from the heavens where the tree once stood. There, a hand clasping an Ever-Bark Sword rose from the ashes to breathe in the cool air once again. Baptized by the sins of the past, one last Warrior Druid was resurrected from the flames of war. The echoes of the heavens tasked him to do one thing for them, and one thing only: Find the child of the Kindred Tree. Find the last seed and plant its glory where the tree once stood. The Warrior Druid then swore upon his new life to take on the robes of worship once again and go on pilgrimage to find the last seed of the Kindred Tree, lest all the world remain in darkness and empty light.

This is the story of Edelweiss of the Kindred Tree, The Last Warrior Druid and to some, The First Knight of the Vale. Gods be merciful of his shackled soul…