This story may offend certain groups due to its use of content and language in a historical context. An example of this is the mentioning of the Holocaust, derogatory terms used against Jews and much more.

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Chapter 1

August 1944 - Paris, France.

Katherine was running through the cobbled streets of Paris, her heart pounding in her chest. Sporadic bursts of gunfire and explosions could be heard in the background as she ran. She had been running ever since Headquarters had been attacked by the resistance and was headed for one of remaining German held outposts in the city. As she passed through a side street and into a wide town square a burst of gunfire spat out from nowhere causing her to dart into a narrow inset doorway in fright. When the gunfire curiously stopped she peeked out and was rewarded by the sight of a German soldier holding a smoking MP40 in his hands.

"Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" she shouted to him in German.

The soldier lowered the barrel of the gun so that it was no longer pointed at her and replied,

"You're German?" he said with a mixture of relief, surprise and suspicion.

"Yes! I'm German!" She replied.

"Step out where I can see you then." He ordered.

Katherine complied and stepped out from the doorway with her hands raised slightly over her head. Her identity was confirmed by her fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair which was done up in a French braid tied at the nape.

"Yep, you're definitely German alrighty! You're very pretty as well, a perfect Aryan specimen as Herr Himmler would say." The soldier said chuckling, admiring her looks and well-endowed body.

Katherine felt herself blushing under his gaze and observed the soldier who had almost shot her. She saw that he was not much older than him and guessed that he was around the age of 17. With brown hair and blue eyes, he too was quite handsome and she could easily imagine him on the front of a propaganda poster for the war effort.

"What is your name Fraulein?." he asked.

"Katherine," she replied.

"I'm Hans nice to meet you Katherine but we'd better get going eh? The enemy are going to be here any minute now! Someone nearby must have heard the gunshots."

He grabbed her by the arm and began to lead her further up the street, through a doorway and in between two barricades which led to an enclosed courtyard. They were halted by two soldiers manning a sandbagged machine gun position.

"Oh, it's you Hans, who's the girl?" one of them asked.

"This is Katherine," Hans replied.

"I escaped from Headquarters when it was attacked by the resistance. I was trying to reach one of our remaining outposts when I met Hans." Katherine added.

"Well, you'd better report in to the Hauptmann then. His office is in that building over there." instructed the second soldier.

"I'll leave you to that then Katherine, I need to go report in to my Feldwebel."

Katherine nodded and watched Hans walk across the courtyard and into another building. She then made her way to the Commander's office.

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