Undersea Encounters

Summary: I dive into the lagoon to see her once more.

She is as old as the sea itself, and just as mysterious. I saw her once in my youth, as a lovestruck sailor beholding her at a port town. Now, she has only grown more beautiful with age. My infatuation grew as I met her, but circumstances conspired to keep us apart.

No longer. I dive into the lagoon to see her once more. The scuba gear is necessary, for I lack the gifts she was born with. I hope she can rectify that, one day. I let myself sink until familiar, scaly hands caress me.

She has grown since I last saw her, no longer the waif I remember her as. She's already slick and slippery. Her human features remain mere suggestions, but they are more than sufficient for our purposes. Though her human life has ended, her life as a sea-creature, a mermaid, has just begun.

Without a doubt, Innsmouth girls are the best.