Two years have passed since my father died. Mother found herself a new madman. Master's degree in engineering and project management. Worried about the visions of the new facility. He was a man who was morbidly petty, neurotic and depressed. I think my mother was his first woman. At work, he was a tiring and despotic aesthete. A fat malcontent, catholic; as it turned out: a paedophile and an alcoholic.

On vacation we were in Krynica Morska - a familiar town only on the outskirts. He didn't want to come to Zakopane with us. He was swearing in the opposite direction. Different problems have happened from the beginning. I got lost on the beach on the first day, but my stepfather was easy to locate. On a mattress like a whale used to look like. He did everything slowly and saw the guilt in everyone. It took an hour to blow the mattress. I wanted to take a hydrofoil ride to Russia, but I had to settle for Frombork. I also liked bowling and going to the shooting range, but it was the bath in the waves that softened the heat.

I couldn't swim well in the sea yet, like my mother, so my stepfather had to watch me. I was swimming on a mattress. He was wading through the bottom. Towards the shallows, he was more and more deceiving me. The Bay of Gdansk covered numerous shipwrecks. Suddenly, my stepfather stepped on one of these. Screams were heard and my stepfather grabbed his foot. Meanwhile, I sailed away to further water. Then the mattress wave rolled over with me. '

I knew it would happen…' - my mother was worried.

My stepfather took me on the mattress and threw me back and turned back at a slow pace towards the beach. My mother was worried that I got my head wet. So as soon as possible, I towelled it dry. The wounded stepfather, with the face of a soaked cat, announced that he had stepped on the U-Boat. My mother went to get a cap, and I stayed with him. You don't want to know what was behind the screen…