Heartbreak is so deceptive.

It says, "I've never felt this way for anyone before, I will never feel this way for anyone else, and I will always feel this way about him/her."

It formulates outrageous plans to win their heart; plans that would take years to execute, and we're sure we'll still want them as badly after all that time.

It makes you want to hold on, even though letting go would be less painful.

You don't want to love anyone else, not even if they love you the way you love the one you lost.

You willfully miss out on chances to experience the very happiness you mourn the loss of.

You would rather hope miserably than accept real happiness.

Heartbreak. The most cunning virus. It sustains itself by tricking its host into fostering its growth and survival.

Even knowing all of this, I can't let you go. I'll hold on to the painful lies for as long as I can, even at the expense of a potentially blissful reality.