You're in pictures with her

Dating all the way back ten years

I don't know what brings me the most tears

Knowing you belong to her

Or knowing I don't belong anywhere

I'll never have a decade's worth of photos with one person

At least, none in which we are young and fresh

Where we can watch ourselves grow up together

It's too late

To love someone who's known me all my life

Who knew me before I was me

Who kissed me when my chapped lips were bubblegum-flavored

Who ran away from home with me

And skipped classes to be with me

I'll never grow old with someone

With whom I've shared love for the majority of our lives

It's too late

You are more than a man I can't have

You're a reminder of the man I'll never have

You give a face to the boy I've never met

I envy you as much as I love you

You have the life I want

And you couldn't share it with me even if you wanted to

It's just too late