The constant changes of school are nothing new to me. Same classrooms and same tables. And there's always a taller boy who makes me develop backwards.

As a reminder, the first one insulted me in the gymnasium dressing room and won our clash in the fiery competition. I was responsible for the fire and felt my own futility for months. I only got my revenge on the school sleigh ride. When the Taller One broke his legs, I felt free. I went to a school where a special unit was. There, repeatedly manipulated by my fellows, I beat another taller boy with a rope, and to my disadvantage – he was handicapped.

I went back to my original school, where I started from next vulgar adventure. My taller rival wasn't there anymore and at first, I thought it was a good change. A new one appeared - named Amadeusz, who used to identify every school with a pigsty. Fortunately, he found himself in a different class than I did. I was safe, surrounded by masses of friends. Nevertheless, it was only a matter of time before something bad happened to me. Somebody hung inflated condoms in the toilet. I didn't know what they were for, but soon someone informed on Amadeusz and on his ass rested a dry rod. I thought, this was law and justice, which also made me very happy, but things went differently and problems appeared very quickly. Amadeusz began to look for a confessor, and he needed a lure to do it. Once during break, I saw Amadeusz when I was talking calmly with a group of friends. He listened carefully to some son who fucked three in three like a catharine. To my surprise he soon pointed his finger at me… Amadeusz began to approach looking dangerously and before I managed to react, a strong blow managed to land on my face. After a while I heard that I was a snitch, a confessor and a cowardly fucking ostrich, and my father was a drunkard and a thief. At first, I thought I'd get away from there, but Amadeusz's words finally arrived and my honour was almost eaten through. It's true that my father loved booze, but he never stole anything! That slander had to have a reaction to it. A few of my friends immediately suggested, that I give Amadeusz back with a bud and not with some first better twig. The school was being renovated and a few bricks were lying down, and at that age one did not think too wisely. So, I went from behind Amadeusz and hit him in the head with a brick right next to his ear. So, he went down unconscious on the field. Friends clapped and hummed San Francisco. However, the joy and partying did not last long. It was pretty serious. The tutor came running and I, still with the brick in my hand, was swearing and explaining myself fiercely. Amadeusz was bleeding on the ground from the back of his head. After a while, he was already cuffed by a careful lifeguard. A police car came. I went to the management and only there I cried for the first time. Whether my rival would survive or not was unknown. What the hell's gotten into me?!

I was locked up in prison for two days and nights. I kept freezing because of the holes in dirty blankets. The policeman didn't ask - he just beat me, interrogating me. I sat for two days listening to the accusations, but in the end the good news came from the hospital, where a broken skull was healed by my taller rival. He remembered nothing of the day when the fight took place and had a problem with erection - he did not have a stand-up in the morning. My parents didn't think beating was enough. They were thinking about something that would hurt me more. They told me not to leave the house for six months. They kept me in a compartment without telling anyone. So, I slept there on a very uncomfortable bunk, and I only went outside on a leash. Also, they beat me morning and night. I have never experienced such pain before, when a heavy leather belt, folded in half, hit the same spot more than a hundred times. After a few weeks, scabs formed and I started scratching my ass. My nightmare was fulfilled by a court order. In my reformatory even lacked electricity. There was an excess of the most dangerous dark types. It took a lot of tricks to survive there. However, this is the material for the next story. I gotta go and eat splashed potatoes.