So, my worst fears came true. I won't be able to drink school coffee anymore. I went to reformatory through no fault of my own. I wouldn't have thought this would happen, but there was always a taller boy through whom I was behaving backwards.

As a reminder, the first one insulted me in the gymnasium dressing room and won our clash in the fiery competition. I was responsible for the fire and felt my own futility for months. I only got my revenge on the school sleigh ride. When the Taller One broke his legs, I felt free. I went to a school where a special unit was. There, repeatedly manipulated by my fellows, I beat another taller boy with a rope, and to my disadvantage – he was handicapped. I went back to my original school, where I started from next vulgar adventure. Another taller boy hung up condoms in the bathroom. Some shithead recommended me as a snitch. I had been beaten and severely insulted and I immediately decided to take revenge. So, I hit taller boy with a brick straight in the head and I was sent to reformatory by a fucking schools inspector.

That's how I found myself in a neglected reformatory with a bunch of hooligans and a pushy priest. At first, there was no girl among us, but only a matter of time there were changes. A long-haired white-head came to us. She was from a difficult home - her mother was a widow. I wonder how much she had to mess up - in order to get here, you have to really try. Most of the boys fell in love right away and the toilet door carefully closed. However, the girl turned out to be rude and she didn't want to work with us.

A month has passed and a social action has been announced. Every naughty young man must have dug ditches. The work was prolonged until night. Our pack was working under artificial light, powered from a fairly large generator. The guard went to smoke a cigarette, and we got bored with the job. I turned around and thought about my life and what I would do in the shower again... I was standing next to the generator, when I suddenly felt a strong push. I had also instinctively pushed someone before I knew it was the taller girl. She flew in the back on the generator and put hair in the engine. I heard a terrible sound, drowned out by a range of different screams. The machine pulled girl's hair and a bunch of guys was trying to rescue her. We finally pulled her out of the steel claws. We didn't find her hair anywhere. Her head was one pulsating wound, with a crying, frightened face. I saw her pissed pants in spite of the darkness. I remembered that view in the shower... I decided to help immediately. I knew the wound had to be quickly decontaminated, so a bottle with a sign on it 'ethyl alcohol' I poured right into her blood-tipped head. Guys barely managed to hold on to her, as she started to scream terribly. The spectacle was interrupted only by the guard, just after I accidentally broke a bottle.

As the scalp was not found, the girl's head was mutilated forever. The alcohol I used for her head, to top it all off, turned out to be contaminated. Methanol penetrated her bloodstream and deprived her of visual sense. Now, bald and blind, she was lying in depression. She's probably never gonna fuck again… Everyone's lost patience with me. The beating I got is impossible to describe: after a month I could still scratch the scabs. I was placed in a closed facility, where I was thinking about my own life. How is it that I can have bad luck so terrible that everywhere I am, something bad would happen?! The decision was made to send me into the army - strict rules and a familiar atmosphere. So, what's the moral of this story? Almost anything can fit in a speeding machine…