The Wait

Author's Notes: This is just something I wrote that I needed to let out. Some kind of release for me. So it may not make sense, or maybe it does.

It was but summer
When you all but caught me
My thoughts, my feelings
And most of my heart
For I belonged to another
I chose to be my partner.

But oh, God
I fell for you, lover
The connection I felt with you
Was nothing short of deep
The way you held my hand
It was all I could do not to let go
Your touch, your kiss
They're tattooed on my skin
Your smile, your look
They've stained my thoughts within.

But oh, the pain
My heart is a mess
It screams for you
Yet my mind says to wait
It's not the time, it said
You must wait
For openness, for acceptance

But will the wait not change
What is that I yearn
For it already begun
And my heart questions
Should I hold on
Even when I said I'll let go
Even when I feel I've been let go
And the distance between us grows

The change has begun
And my heart needs to learn
To control her emotions and reactions
Her jealousies and fears
For hope still exists
That one day, she hopes it is soon
Things are different
Things are calmer
Things are better
Things have evolved

But our feelings for one another
Only grows deeper
Our longing to be together
Only grows stronger
And we can finally
Hold each other close
Smell each other's hair
Touch each other's face
Without fear nor guilt
For we are made to be together
And we just had to wait
For the world around us
To revolve and embrace us.